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  1. I was being sarcastic. Oh alright. Funny stuff.
  2. Here's some pictures: Just keep in mind the light does make it look a bit better. [attachmentid=3142]
  3. Saw my derm this morning and my routine has changed. Morning: Wash [Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash] New topical cream (thinks differin will be too drying now) Mositurize [Cetaphil for Dry and Sensitive Skin] Night: Same as morning 60MG Accutane (3X20mg) I'll post a picture later. And the name of the new topical cream.
  4. What are the pimples like? Are they just little white heads, big red ones, etc? Maybe he thought with your type of acne that one month would be enough. Don't mean to kill your spirits, but keep in mind the possibility of an initial breakout. I'm one my third course of Accutane (8 months total), and I'm about a month in and still getting new breakouts. I'm seeing the derm tomorrow and hoping to bump to 60mg (I'm on 40mg).
  5. 1) Chocolate - for some. 2) Orgasms - uh no. 3) Masturbation - uh no. 4) Sweat - for some. 5) Monitors/plasmas/CRT - where did you hear this? 6) The air - ?? 7) The water - water? you're trying to be funny right? 8) Jesus juice - jesus has juice? 9) Milk - only for some 10) The hair - only for some Just because those affect some people doesn't mean they cause acne.
  6. Thanks guys - this means so much having people say my acne ism't bad! Here's another picture. I had another 2 breakouts, well not really breakouts, they sort of just came through. But the light does make my skin look a little better then it really is. edit: changed is to isnt..woops.
  7. Well here's the thing. I was supposed to be on accutane for 6 months the first time. Only at month 4 I was having a lot of back pain with my indoor track. The acne was much, much better then it was and he told me I would be fine if I got off now, and that there is a little chance of it coming back but that happens no matter how long your on accutane. Sure enough it came back, so I went on accutane again. It was completely clear even before the 4 month mark. I still took accutane for a couple wee
  8. The first time it was extremely bad. I did 4 months on the 'tane, then stopped. Then it came back again really bad, another 4 months on 'tane and it cleared completely, then stopped. And a month or so after that it came back sorta bad, but not awful. At the rate it was breaking out it would have become really bad again. So my dermatologist just decided to put me back on the 'tane - and that's where I am today.
  9. Yeah. I'm telling you Accutane works miracles. It was worse then that when I first went on for my third cycle, but still it's working even faster the third time.
  10. Pro Active didn't clear her skin. Do you know how much money Pro Active would pay JESSICA SIMPSON to promote their product? Heh.
  11. These pictures are from a few days ago. I want to say the 1st, but I'm not sure. I'm going to upload new pictures later tonight. [attachmentid=3078] [attachmentid=3079]
  12. My complexion has not changed at all. At summer camp, I'd go 2 weeks without "rubbing one out", and other weeks I could do it everyday - no change in my complexion. I think the only way to find out if it affects or not is to...err...well I think you know what to do.
  13. It's hard to say, it depends on your skin and how it reacts to the medicine. How severe is your acne? I had really severe acne the first time I was on Accutane (Claravis), and my dermatologist started me at 80mg a day. This was of course way to high to start out on, I was peeling uncontrollobly. I then dropped to 60mg and remained then until the end of the course. The second time, I started at 40mg, which didn't seem to be strong enough, so I moved up to 60mg. And finished that course on 60mg I
  14. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash in the shower in the morning and at the sink at night.
  15. I'll drink it if go out or to a party but never other than that. I haven't seen any chances in my skin by drinking or not drinking soda though. SEAL Wannabe