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  1. i feel like im ..cursed i jsut attempted to dye my hair black and it went green my acne is the worst its ever been and everyone thinks its funny i just feel like dying
  2. i used it for a few weeks...
  3. No one Chooses a life like that you moron. A lot of educated people with seeminly good lives end up on the streets, and they certainly don't deserve it. Sometimes all it can take is one bad decision. They may have a gambling or alcohol addiction which has destroyed their lives, or they may be ex army vets suffering from shell-shock. You can't just say it's their fault and they deserve it. He didn't chose it like wake up one day thinking "yay! I want to be a fucking drug addict when I'm old
  4. How do you know he chose that life? why doe he deserve it? and why does that make it not depressing? Why would you choese a life like that????? It's depressing to me.
  5. The other day i was at a bbq in a field with some friends.. for someones birthday, and a homeless guy decided to come and sit with us. At first he seemed ok... he started telling us about his life. About how he had his intials tattoo'd down his back because he'd been in the army/or something similar and if he was killed he wanted his body known. He'd been beaten up by his 'mates' that morning and had a nasty cut on his head. It turned out he was off his head on speed, he wouldnt stop talking
  6. that...for just one day... your friends could suffer acne. and know how it feels... the emotional pain and physical pain... so they could understand and realise just how much harder it can make life be...just for one day.... I wouldnt really wish acne on anyone... but i wish my friends understood what having it feels like
  7. thats so unbelievably unhelpful. You can't guilt trip yourself out of being depressed over feeling sad because there are people worse off than you. They have nothing to do with the situation and i hate it wen people bring up stuff like that as if to say 'how dare you be unhappy, you are not dying of starvation or AIDS ect...'
  8. Shiny happy people by rem just came on..and it made me happy yey. im answering my own posts because no one else is. well i did say no one needs to. but nevermind. shiiiny happy peeopl holding haandss.... *dances*
  9. hmm i have more stuff to rant about and i couldnt decide who to rant to so i shall rant here. Theres a boy i kinda like... only hes a manic depressive which is somewhat offputting.. only maybe its mean for me to think like that.. but i cant help it... and right now im all depressed about my skin.. only i cant tell him that.. but hes being all nice and trying to cheer my up anyway and its all confusing cause i dont know if i like him or not and then theres two other boys i like but they dont li
  10. my face has exploded argh. My chin has swelled up with like a million ..well not exactly cysts... but..huge..things.. and it throbs so much and i just wanna dieeee.... nargh.
  11. i used cider vinegar on my back and it did absolutely nothing. then i put it on my face (undiluted) where it also did absolutely nothing. nothing at all. :s
  12. when i was in wales for two weeks i swam in the sea every day... and my skin was terrible
  13. uh... i never said i was 8th grade... i am 17... oh wait i get it the grade 8 part. thats something to do with music, in england we have exams in our instruments, 8 exams, 8 is the top, they have nothing to do with age, they can be taken wenever.