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  1. The Elephant Man is a really great movie, I highly recommend it. David Lynch makes great films.
  2. The last time I felt attractive is the last time I had decently clear skin, a few weeks ago. When my skin is clear, I feel great. Acne really holds me back from being the person I am inside, and the person I want to be also.
  3. I've never had anyone comment on my acne, not since I was 16 or so. I guess I am lucky that at age 29 I have coworkers and friends who are mature enough not to make fun. My worst critic is myself by far. I am extremely hard on myself when it comes to my acne. It seems to rule my world at the moment.
  4. Speaking of rear view mirrors also, I was looking for something in my truck the other day at night with a flashlight. For some reason I decided to look at my face in the rear view with the flashlight. I held it under my face like when you were a kid trying to tell a scary story. What I saw was the scary part of the story. Every bump, scar, pimple etc magnified 100x. I felt like crying, it was horrible.
  5. Thats really odd reading about your experience with rear view mirrors. I have a hard time going out in public, sometimes going back and forth inside to the car, mainly because of my rear view mirror. I'll look at the mirror in my bathroom, and think I look decent enough to go out, then I'll get into my truck and wow, I look horrible. I can see dry skin and redness a lot more in my truck. As far as how I think people see me, I feel like people are constantly looking at my pimples. I mainly
  6. I hear you. The last Derm I went to I was really hopeful and tried to remain positive. I waited 15 minutes in the lobby to see him, 30 in the doctors room, and it took all of 5 minutes for him to rush me out.
  7. I've considered it being my toothpaste. Thanks for the link, I will try switching toothpastes for sure.
  8. Hello again. To repeat myself, I am a 29 year old man. I had acne as a teenager but not really any in my early 20s. Since I moved to North Carolina about 3 years ago to become a carpenter, I started getting acne again. The only place I really get it is the skin an inch or so below the corners of my mouth and around the corners of my mouth. I, like many struggle trying to find what I could be doing, eating etc that causes my breakouts. They are only tiny whiteheads, but, the ones around my