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  1. I'm not ungrateful, I just don't think you understood what I was asking or what I was on. Don't get all heavy on me.
  2. yeah, do you know what accutane is? It's pretty much the last resort. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea why I had this random bad breakout.
  3. yeah I've done the proactive thing, I have more severe acne and proactive doesn't do much for me.
  4. This is my second time on accutane, this time around i"m on a low dose. Since the first day on accutane this time its been getting better every day. I've been on it for about 2 months and yesterday I just explode with about 15 cysts and my face is VERY red. What happened? allergic reaction to somthing?
  5. yeah this is what I want to do and hope it doesn't make my face red like last time. I heard celebs take low dosages of accutane if they need to and there face looks great and not red
  6. if you take a lower dosage will the redness be reduced?
  7. yeah if you're gettin cysts again I would get on the tane asap. I'm not sure if you'll need a high dosage, I dont' see why the original dosage wouldn't work.
  8. nope, the diet didn't work for me. How do you get your hormones checked? I'm 19 so I'm guessing my hormones are natural for my age and causing the cysts.
  9. 1. I have been on accutane before, worked great for a few months after I finished, now cysts have come back. I have tried almost every way to rid it, liver flush, strict diet (freeacnebook.com), BP. Should I go back on accutane? 2. When I was on accutane I still didnt look great becuase it caused my face to be so dark/red. Should I ask for a lower dose and would that help the redness?
  10. I thought hydrogen peroxide doesnt' actually kill any bacteria?
  11. I'm 19 and was wondering if doing a liver flush might be useless since there is a good chance that my acne is still caused by hormones?
  12. I'm getting pantethine in a few days and I heard its more effective to take it together, true?
  13. I was off accutane for about a month when I noticed acne starting to come back...so I tried b5 (10 grams a day) and it worked great. I've had no new acne since starting, and it made my skin look better than ever, it even helped the tone. But this past week my skin doesn't look as good any more, its kinda redish like when I was on accutane. I'm thinking I don't need to take 10g a day anymore because maybe its drying me out too much?? and causing the redness???