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  1. Well my acne has gone now but when I had it badly I would get really terrible cysts all went away except for one which has stayed there on my neck its very tender and it sort of scabs over but can be picked off - when I asked my derm she said it was a wort but it seems a bit weird a wort can just appear out of nowhere?! Well I realise its hard to know what its like exactly but any advice at all would be appreciated
  2. Hey there very interested in your log as Im attempting to do a similar course - very high dose to get it over with quicker. Wel that was the plan but I gave up a bit over christmas, back on it now though Good luck
  3. Just wondering how many people have done short courses of accutane like 3 or 4 months long and had success. I ask because my derm has put me on a 3 month course, but Im a bit worried it wont be enough...
  4. Hey, yes I finished two full courses and both times my skin was great afterwards although the last time I begged for a follow up appointment about 9 months later just incase it came back again...but they said they had full confidence it wouldn't! So ive had to wait ages to get back on it but my derm thought as Id been on it twice before and because my acne wasnt that bad Id only need a 3 month course, however since then ive had the IB and my acne is a lot worse so Im a bit skeptical about that.
  5. Hey as the OP thought Id update you on how mine is going - Ive been on accutane a few weeks and it actually seems to be making it go down a lot and could disappear altogether. A huge improvement anyway
  6. I was just wondering how guys go about shaving while on accutane. Its one of the worst things about having acne for me, I mean literally billions of men do it everyday without even thinking much about it and yet I dread having to shave because I think itll cut into the acne making it worse but its sort of a catch 22 because at the same time I think growing my facial hair also makes my acne worse...or at least appear worse because it looks a bit scruffy. I also have noticed that while on accuta
  7. Hey Im on day 19 too! Although Im on a higher dose than you it seems Oh and its my third time on this bloody drug Well good luck!
  8. Hey we started about the same time, although Im on a much higher dose at the mo Good luck, hopefully we'll both clear up soon
  9. Anyone any advice on this, its driving me mad. Had a cyst for like 2 months, then it became a scab and now its just a hard lump which nothing seems to work on. Not sure what to do...
  10. Hey I think I'm in a similar position to you, I haven't been able to see my derm yet but I think when I do he's gonna put me on accutane for a 3rd time! And if so I'm gonna ask for a higher dosage this time to try and get it clear asap Good luck with you course
  11. Yeh I did, it hasnt come back as bad but you know its still bad enough...but thats why I thought maybe go on a very high dose to begin with at least and hopefully it would clear up easily as it aint that bad and then could play it by ear. I would talk to my derm except its taking forever to see one as im in the UK
  12. In the past Ive been on between about 20 - 40mg each day but Im wondering what the most anyones been on per day is? As its the third time Im about to go on roaccutane Id rather get it over with asap and thus was thinking I could just have a shorter course by taking a much higher dosage....or at least do this until Im clear....
  13. Has anyone had any negative feelings while on this? Ive been on it a month and have felt pretty depressed, like I used to feel when I was on accutane but Im not sure if its just a coincidence
  14. So I finished roaccutane and everything seemed fine except for a slightly tender spot under my chin which would get very dry and still felt a bit rough and then all of a sudden there are these two huge red lumps there - Its hard to define what they are, Ive never had a cyst as big as them and they a bit like a scab and ultra dry....anyone any ideas? Im quite worried about it and I dont get to see my derm for another two weeks
  15. Anyone know if anything can be done for scars on the neck, I had a cyst there thats left a huge scar - like someones cut out a little square of skin. Very depressing having just got rid of acne finally!