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  1. Xian is the biggest scam!!! I have very mild acne!! around the chin, so is started with 8 pills twice a day!! Then after 2 weekend i wrote to Xian then they wrote that i schoul take 20 pills twice a day for 2 weeks but now im taking 15 pills twice a day!! But nothing helps Ive been on it 4 1 monts now!!
  2. 18 years old Tried evrything been on 1 accutan cure and have taken b5 retin-a Tetracyklin now on Xian chinees herbs! But nothing work . i still only have mild acne! Now.. So help me
  3. Damn this shit is good.. I can recomend it I been on it for 3 days and i see improvements.. But i does only have very light acne very mild... But try it...
  4. Hey im new 18 years old from denmark og have very mild acne. what can i do ? I have orders xian now! I tried b5 from acne-rid.com It dident help... Any advice ?