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  1. you guys need to stop giving up after seeing no results like after a month of purchase....shit takes time....like at least 3 months im talkin just be patient and stop giving up and trying new things all the time
  2. it took it for around 2 and a half months....cleared up my face pretty well...then i ran out of pill for 2 days and my acne came back on my forehead so im back on it again...so i recommend taking it at the same time every day and don't skip any dosages if possible www.3amsports.com
  3. i've been on it for a month for my bacne and i guess it's really supposed to kick in around 5 months after taking it...i guess it basically just gets rid of bacteria
  4. DRINK ORGANIC MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just try it...
  5. what exactly does it mean to be "immune" to it? and how do you know if you are "immune" to it?
  6. i loev DUAC Gel STI i apply it every morning, it's super
  7. ORGANIC MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2%%%%%%%%%%%%%% i used to be an avid 2% milk drinker..then i had my momma buy me some organic 2% and at first i didnt like the taste...but after like 2 more tries of it it grew on me and i won't go back to that old shit... www.whynotmilk.com
  8. i used to apply the stridex face pads to my face like once a day about 2 years ago...then i switched to oxy...and i haven't really been keepin up with it is it better to get the pads with or without alcohol?
  9. my side effects are SEVERELY dry skin...I FUCKING HATE THAT...
  10. all b5 does to me is SEVERELY dry my skin...it sucks ass...i don't see any benefit of using b5..been with it for like 2 months now
  11. don't bathe more than twice a day...RIGHT AFTER working out, go bathe...DRINK PLENTY OF WATER...what exactly are you asking? anyways just bathe right after you lift dude...don't wait long at all, that always made things worse for me...that reminds me, it's been at least 3 weeks since i last lifted..i gotta get back at it..peace
  12. lol i had pizza hut last night too, for dinner..and tonight i had the leftovers....time to go eat some carrots and drink some water (seriously)
  13. what's the difference? what's the best? blah blah blah?
  14. it's too cold for me to do that right now...and there's another thread just like this, so look before you post next time
  15. hahahahahha I WILL NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!! I AM A ************ FIEND!!!!
  16. is it better for my pores to be open or closed right when i apply my differin (at night) or DUAC (in the morning)? jw...and if you don't know what you're talking about, please don't comment...i'm so tired of all the people that think they know what they're talking about..
  17. For some reason I was not aware that meats and dairy have hormones that are secreted naturally. It makes sense, but I never saw this as being a potential problem. I just know that often times, they are injected with additional hormones past what is natural. I think I'm going to be a vegetarian when I have the motivation... I thought that steaming and boiling was second best to raw vegetables. I thought you lose some nutrients, but far fewer than say with canned vegetables. go to ww
  18. on the B5 thread it says to take some enormous, unhuman-like amount daily...anyways i take 1 pill a day, i don't know why.....
  19. i've been off weightlifting for the past 3 weeks now (i used to go every other day) cuz i'm just takin a break ...but i noticed that my back always broke out moreso when i was lifting, than it does now...what are u asking? oh yeah, make sure you ALWAYS shower RIGHT AFTER each workout