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  1. Just finished my course of accutane and am now completly clear! But my derm didn't give me anything to maintain my skin and I really need some help. What is a good cleanser and toner to use and any other tips to stay clear?
  2. So for my birthday in about a month I want to get an industrial/scaffolding and a navel piercing done. I know accutane slows your healing, so should I wait? ANd if so how long after I'm done with it?
  3. I'm 14 too, and yeah I felt like a freak too when my acne was at its worst. But our young age means we have a chance to fight it and don't end up too terrible a few years down the road. Talk to your derm about my=aybe getting acctutane. So far its changed my life.
  4. Bravo, great post! I hate when people say that, its so unfair. Beauty isn't life, how you react it, so deal with it. My friend kelsey is a year younger then me (13) and the is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen And she has had a majorly sad life. Her mom is a meth addict, she was put into foster care and abused, she was raped and abused by her ex-boyfriend; her dad dosn't know and still invites him in and recently one of her good friends killed himself. Now look at her beautiful face
  5. Thats messed up, I'll punch him If i see him, since I live in charlotte. Man, people from charlotte are weird lol
  6. Oh yes! Do the rose thing! It's so romantic and chicks dig that; I would so love a guy sweet enough to do that. Go for it. Even if she has a date to prom she might go out with you afterwards.
  7. nope, just sort of there. A little uncomfortable when my jacket sleve runs againts it; it just look so horrible.
  8. So, I'm on my thrid month of tane. I have had a few little rashes on my arm since starting but nothing serious that a little lotion didn't help. Well last night while on the phone I noticed this big ring of a rash with blisters around my wrist. And a little bit on the back of my hand. It looks a little like poisen ivy but I havn't been outside at all the past few weeks. ANy Idea what this could be? A side effect? Any ways to treat it?
  9. Why don't you just use some gentle semi-permentet dye, thats what I'm doing adn so far its working out great.
  10. you used the egg mask when u were on accutane? which did u use: just the egg mask or the egg mask and acv and baking soda mixture? Just the egg yolk mask.
  11. And I could be over there right now if it wasn't for school My grandma just went to germany and I could wander off and....sounds fun
  12. go for the tane girl! I'm 14 too, and your skins sounds just as bad as mine was. I'm on month 2 of tane and almost completly clear; though my face resembles a tamato its better then acne ^^
  13. Art is a great way to vent and express yourself. Be it photography, drawing, writing, music ect. So does anyone here practice some form of art? Just curious. I do, and show it off here http://xshatteredxsharadex.deviantart.com/
  14. Murad helps with the active acne, but it seemed to flare up my redmarks making them look worse.
  15. " What kind of donuts does Bob Marley like?" " With Jammin it" Stupid I know ^^ Chuck Norris Jokes! "There are no races, only countries of people Chuck Norris has beaten to different shades of black and blue." "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? ...All of it." "Chuck Norris CAN believe it's not butter." " The opening scene of "Saving Privite Ryan" Is actually based on Chuck Norrises elementry dodge ball game." Mr.T jokes! "Mr. T speaks only when necessar