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  1. The best way I found was to apply right after a shower. I'm only putting it on my chest so I lean back and just dump some of it on straight out of the bottle. Works just fine and isn't messy.
  2. Try removing dairy products from your diet. If you are consuming large amounts of milk and cheese that may be your problem. Several years ago I figured out that this was causing much of my acne and have since removed it almost entirely from my diet. I now drink soy milk but I still eat cheese on occastion.
  3. How's your diet? Surprisingly I eat pretty healthy, exercise 3 times a week. I try to avoid milk as a lot of people said that dairy has caused them acne. I may have an occasional fast food meal here and there but most of the stuff I eat is home cooked. For a while I was taking vitamins a, b6, zinc, and omega-3 fish oil. (like i said i did a lot of research and these were supposed to help) once I started accutane i cut off from every thing but last couple of weeks started taking fish oil a
  4. Alright, so I started using this on Saturday and it has now been 4 days. I had 3 cysts form on my chest last week which was quite unusual. I'll usually get one every 4-5 months. I knew these ones were going to scar if I let them get to a head. Every other one I've had on my chest has scarred (lucky me). I can honestly say now that after only 4 days this stuff is really doing the job. The 3 that I have have shrunken significantly. At this point they would be very large and swollen by now (
  5. I just got restylane injections for some depressed scars this morning. I can't remember what the doctor specified for massaging. He said I could do it I just forgot the time frame. Do any of you guys know? Also, it feels pretty lumpy, is this normal? Do I need to massage the lumpy ones until they flatten? I just don't want to mess anythiing up. Thanks
  6. I would suggest to try removing dairy from your diet. I did this several years ago and my skin has been much better for it. To replace the calcium that is lost from not drinking milk I would concentrate on eating more greens. Spinach is an excellent source of calcium. As for a milk replacment I drink Soy milk. I've heard almond milk is good too but have been unable to find it in my city. Acne stinks but it's best to try to prevent as much of it as you can. Give it a try. FYI: I ran acr
  7. I like how you gently handled the CAPS LOCK dude. IT GAVE ME A CHUCKLE =)

  8. You will find the caps lock button on the left side of your keyboard. It looks like you may have yours on. To turn off this function use one of your fingers and place it over the key. Now press down. You should now be able to type normally. Thanks for playing.
  9. I know exactly how you guys feel. I do have a pretty inspiring story from my best friend that I've known since elementary school and I'm now 28. He has always been a really outgoing person. Once we got to high school he got a really bad case of acne that has persisted for almost 15 years now. He's now got more scars than I can count and he still has active acne. The thing about him though is you don't really notice it because he has a fantastically outgoing personality. He literally has 10
  10. will retin-a perminantly make my skin more sensitive? what would happen if i was in the sun all day wiith retin a on my skin. does it just mean i will burn quickly or doees it make a mess of your skin?
  11. I'll go ahead and give you guys a little update. I had the totalfx on March 21. On day four the brown skin sloughed off revealing new pink skin underneath. It really wasn't even that pink. By day six you could really only tell something may have been done by the slight demarcation line and the fact that the hyperpigmentation/sunspots were gone. It's now been 11 days since the procedure. My skin is definately smoother and the pigmentation looks pretty even. Unfortunately I can see that my
  12. I never asked them the actual levels but he mentioned that he was cranking it up on the deepfx to treat the acne scarring. That probably doesn't provide much help but I'm assuming the highest tolerable setting would give you the best result. As a side note I think this procedure is probably more painful for the guys. Once they moved the laser down to the beard line then it really got intense.
  13. I definately bled some and there was some weeping/oozing the first day. It gets better really fast...at least for me it did. It's been 4 days now. All of the old brown skin peeled off today. I had my follow up with the doc this morning and he said I could gently brush the rest of the dry skin off without damaging my new skin. He also mentioned that I'm healing really well and pretty fast too. I got home exfoliated the rest of the dry stuff off. The new skin looks great! I'm not going to
  14. Good luck!! I just had mine last Friday and am in the recovery process right now. BTW it hurts so be prepared.
  15. I hope that the Fraxel Re:pair gives me some help with my scars. These new fractional co2 laser seem more promising than just the fractional laser without the co2. I was going to do the series of Fraxel II, but it just doesn't seem like the way to go. Please keep me informed on your progress. I notice that alot of people on here that get good results don't come back to this forum to share.