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  1. I love this stuff too .. it's been two months and this morning, I looked at my face in the mirror and realized I had no active acne that I could see (just red marks). I don't ever remember thinking that about my face for the last 8 years.
  2. Obviously if your pharmacist gave you 40 mg pills, and your doctor didn't specify splitting your dose .. then you're supposed to be taking the 40 mg in one shot. Also, there is no such thing as Accutane in 20 mg doses, you can take 2 10 mg pills at the same time, 2 x a day .. I talked to my pharmacist and read up about it .. there really is little evidence to show that there is even a difference in efficacy if you split your doses. So do it in one shot, but always if in doubt consult your ph
  3. Sounds kind of dramatic .. however, I'm sure you're doctor knows what he/she is doing - my doc has been slowly bumping my dosage - from 20 mg first week, to 30 second week, and now 40 mg's the last two weeks .. I'm probably going to ask to bump up to 60 mg .. as I have tolerated the Accutane quite well thus far. A 50 mg jump does sound high though - how have you been with side effects?
  4. Your glucose levels, cholesterol and triglycerides all go up after you eat a meal (mind you, it will depend on the composition of the meal to effect your cholesterol and TGs - but glucose will always go up) .. so not doing fasting blood work will give you incorrect results.
  5. I spoke to my pharmacist about using other meds with accutane .. including clindoxyl gel (5% BP + clindamycin) and differin .. and he said it was cool .. so certainly i think using something as mild as spectrogel is ok .. in fact, i use spectrogel for sensitive skin now with accutane and i've experienced no problems with it .. it is VERY mild and amazing.
  6. bimbles--- do u have hormonal imbalance or excessive body hair as for the reasons why you were taking it? No, the only thing I had was excess oil production .. my family doc did not do any tests to see if i was hormonally imbalanced, nor do i have hirsutism (excess body hair) .. she just thought it would be an alternative to something stronger like accutane .. which i initially wanted to get on when i saw her a few months ago .. Maybe if hormonal acne is your problem .. then diane would
  7. I've been on Diane 35 for going on 4 months now .. it broke me out like CRAZY over the first 3 months. My face has calmed down somewhat .. but I've decided to switch to Accutane anyway because my face is now completely covered in red patches and bumps from previous pimples as well as the fact that I still do have pustules rearing their ugly heads almost every day still ... Also, in Canada they are limiting use of Diane to no more than 6 months at a time .. so either way, this wasn't a long ter
  8. I love Avene's Cleanance Anti-Shine regulating lotion .. it's the only thing I can put on my sensitive skin that doesn't sting and I find it does a fabulous job controlling oil .. You can get it from Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada but it is on the pricey side (about $25 for 40 mL)
  9. I have a little hypertrophic bugger (along with some hypotrophic rolling scars) .. I have the strip on my face now - is it a waste of money? (the skin underneath feels moist and tingly though .. pleasant) Anyone have any success with silicone strips?
  10. I suspect that you can't use the two together .. I called the proactiv people today and they refuse to give me the answer on the phone as it would be "promoting Roche" or some crap like that. But I suspect the cleanser would be too harsh to use with accutane - correct?
  11. I was on Diane 35 for a few months - but have since switched to Accutane as my acne got much much much worse on Diane. The bonuses for the OCP are that it does reduce oil production (at least in my case) and makes your periods a lot more pleasant. Also, oral contraceptive pills in general have many many many benefits including reducing your risk for all sorts of cancers (endometrial, ovarian, to name a few) as if controls estrogen surges that would normally occur in your cycle. So if it clear
  12. what i want to know is how that woman was so still while this was going on .. and two .. ewwwwwww .. was that toothpaste being squeezed out of that thing?!?!?!?
  13. That's been my experience on minocyclin .. once i got off it after using it for a couple of years my face looked like a pimple farm. Worse .. I started getting severe cystic acne on parts of my face that I've never had cysts on before. Needless to say, I've switched up to accutane. Hope the doxy works for you though!
  14. Yea it would still cause a breakout I believe...and i'll let the more smart people answer the second part, but i'm almost sure you can't use differin when on accutane... I asked my pharmacist about this one - he gave me the A-OK for using both at the same time .. I use clindoxyl gel at night, differin in the day .. and I'm on mild accutane now .. we'll see how it goes.