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  1. Hey Botchla, where u from? After reading your post i went out today to try and find the clean and clear continous control cleanser with 10% BP, and all i could find was this clean and clear continuos control acne wash, but it was a clear liquid in a purple pump bottle and had SA in it, no BP. There where a few other c&c clensers, but nothing with BP. Maybe you can't get it in Australia? Does anyone know? If not wheres d cheapest place to get it online??
  2. Hi guyz, OK I'm after the Queen Helene Mint Julip Masque that everyones raving about but i'm pretty sure u can't find it in any stores in australia ](*,) . is there anyone in aust whos ordered it over ther internet before and knows a site where i can get some for a good price without having 2 pay more postage n handling than it cost for the dam product itself??
  3. Has anyone experienced an initial breakout while on diane??
  4. I've been on diane for almost 3 months now without too much improvment. I was thinking of switching 2 yasmin. Does anyone have any opinions on whats better of the 2?
  5. Whats the difference between a tri-phasic and mono-phasic pill. is diane tri or mono?
  6. Hiya, i've been on diane for almost 3 months now and my skin has definetly improved, though its still not as good as i'd like it to be. i still get a zit here n there all the time, not as bad as it used 2 be. I was thinking of sticking to it for a few more months, just to give it time to work, but if i'm still getting a few pimples every now n then i might try somthing else. Yasmin sounds good, has anyone been on diane and swiched 2 yasmin before, that can tell me if its better. Is there anythin
  7. I've always drunk heaps of water but itz neva made any difference
  8. are they supposed to be better than diane. Whatz d difference??
  9. Hiya all, i've been on diane-35 ED for about 6 months, it hasen't produced any great results but if anything my pimples are smaller, occur less often and more superfical than before. Yet i still get the occasional bright red inflamed zit last for a week then breaks to the surface where it forms a hiddeous red dry scab for a week, then i'm left with the scar which red and very noticable and can last for more than a year. I fact since on diane my pimples seem to be smaller, but more inflamed lea
  10. haya passthejonch , I know how it feels when sometimes it seems like u collected all the shitty features from your gene pool, i think we all do it sometimes. I mean how many people out there have had a time when u've just looked in the mirror and thought... "Oh, mi GOD!... I'm a hideous creature...JUST LOOK AT ME!...GROSS SKIN....BAD THIS...HORRIBLE THAT......." And just zoomed in on all the negative things about ur self. I mean i dun know about you guys but i've sure done it, its a horrible