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  1. How wet is your face supposed to be? I cleansed, used the oil with very very little water in my palms(basically just moist) and then BP...I'm thinking about the moisturize after that or maybe just oil again after that?
  2. I just put 3 small drops into my hands( which are damp) and apply it to my dampened face (after cleanser has been washed off but not dried). Then wait till dried and apply bp then wait till thats dried and apply normal moisturiser hope that helps :) Do you use one of those droppers or do you do it manually?
  3. How big are the drops you guys use? Also do you put it on before or after the BP? And can you use it alone or do you need a moisturizer with it? Finally, do you use a cottown swab or just put it in your hand and apply?
  4. I was using Netroguena with SPF 15 but it makes my face too oily looking... What's good? Should i get Net. healthy skin lotion, cetaphil or what?
  5. Yeah I moisturize during the day but not at night...maybe I should apply a bit at night as well?
  6. I think my face likes 5% BP... My skin is SO SOFT, I'm not dry at all I really dont need any moisturizer but I use a little anyway. Is it because 5% is for me or will it get worse later? The effect on the acne however is still like 2.5%.
  7. Yeah cleanse your face while showering its what I do.
  8. If you have a AHA moisturizer it should be strong enough just to use it after the BP, my suggestion was if you didnt have the AHA moisturize yet. But if your still dry do what I said.
  9. Ok I had this problem too. Get a AHA Moisturizer, preferably Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion with SPF 15. In the meantime, moisturize before you apply BP. Yes BEFORE. Apply 2/3 of the amount you usually would, wait 10 mins, apply BP, wait 10 mins, re-moisturize by spot treating the still flaky areas or coat the 1/3 of it on your whole face. Hope this helps.
  10. I'm getting the AHA Day version with SPF15.
  11. I'm gonna get it for the regimen but is it ok if I only get the day version or should I get the night version as well? If both, its gonna be costly.
  12. If I use 5% should I use half of the 2.5% amount?
  13. Ok here's a good way to do it. Cleanse, moisturize 2/3 of what you normally would, apply BP, then spot treat the dry areas with moisturizer. This seems to work well, we'll see the results.