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  1. Lab Girl It sounds like you need that Accutane asap couldnt you call the derms office and telll them that you all of a sudden you have broken out real bad could you come in early for that appointment? When you say its almost a month away it too long. I guess you dont want to piss them off but I cant beleive the shit you have gone through. If you become pals with the receptionist the more likely you will get what you want good luck Tomas Lab Girl It sounds like you need that Accutane asap cou
  2. Natalie There must be some dermatologist in your area that cares. may be you can ask on the board if anyone has had good experience with a dermatologist in your area. May be get the phone book or the web and start calling dermatologists and ask the receptionist if they specialize in acne treatment. Ask questions till you find someone that sounds good. If that doesnt work have your parents call their doctor and get a recommendation. Hope this helps
  3. Natalie Since your acne is active I dont think that you understand how difficult is is to reverse scars. I have read alot more positive things on this site than negative regarding Accutane. Accutane seems to be one of the only things that helps cystic acne. The other thing that you might consider are cortisone injections for your cysts and nodules I think. I regret not acting faster or finding out more info regarding dealing with my Acne. Unfortunately every cyst or nodule will leave some kind
  4. Could you guys give me your opinion on what information/instructions doctors/dermatogists should give to patients in regards to treating acne??? IE about the different treatment options available what type of acne you have and what type to be cautious of when to come back Many thanks tomas
  5. I would recommend that you deal with this as soon as possible. The bottom line is certain types of acne leave scars if not all types of acne to some extent. These scars will be with you for the rest of your life. As you will notice people struggle to find scar treatments that help and offen find that alot of them make it worse. Taking antibiotics did clear up my acne but I stupidly stopped taking it after 3 months because some one told me that it would hurt my immune system. I still have not fo
  6. The balls on this guy. Just remember who works for who. Obviously this dr never had Acne while going to school. Dont take any notice of that shit just try to get as much info from them as possible. Learn as much as you can about Acne so you dont have to depend on their minimal help. The main thing is to contol acne as best you can so you dont get scars. Hope you dont mind my 2 cents. Tomas
  7. Metal chick I just wondered if you have come up with any idea for meds yet? Can you get Accutane at a reduced price if you contact the manufacturer? Good luck Tomas
  8. Willow Thanks for writing back. Just especially look out for cystic acne and papules which I think are the most likely to scar. Any ideas on how to deal with scars. I have heard people talk about punch excision for ice picks. It sounds like a good idea but I have heard some bad experiences about it. Tomas
  9. That is exactly what happened to me just once in a while and I got quite a few marks on my jaw line. The problem is that I did not think much of it so I didnt go to the doctor like you did. I would just recommend that you call the doctor back and find out about your questions. The doctors only seem to give the bare minimum. Unfortunately if you dont ask the questions you dont get all the info that you should have. I would definately recommend reading about different types of acne on the
  10. When I was 21 in 1991 I started to get Acne mainly on my cheeks. Because I had never got it before I decided to go straight to the dr. So I went to the local general practitioner on the insurance list. The first dr I saw gave me some cream to put on my face (I cant remember what it was) and told me if it doesnt go away come back and see me. Well in a couple of weeks I noticed that I had some ice pick scars on my face where the acne had been. I was kind of freaked out and scared of what was go