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  1. yo man i have those too on my jawline i have 2 big ones on my right and 1 big one on my left plus little tiny ones surrounging them WTF r these things??? im also on accutane 5 month how big r yours?
  2. quagmire01

    accutane 4th month

    so im on my 4th month of ro-acutane and right now im all redmarks but their taking soooooooooo long to heal :(
  3. its not the accutane man its just the acne my acne left red marks that last for more then a yr when i wasnt on accutane and now my marks are actually fading and im on the accutane..
  4. ALSO i forgot to mention is that my BACK is killing me... it used to hurt a little but now its really noticable. should i just take some ibuprofine??? i think i might go see a chiropractor
  5. well i went to shoppers drugmart today for aquaphor and couldnt find it... i even asked the pharmacy but no luck.. did u find it kangin?? ok this is DAY 25 im still breaking out all over my face and i still get oily during the day but definately not as much as i used to.. my face seems redder like im blushed which i dun like but oh well. im thinking of using a self tanner on my face.. do u think thats a good idea? since i have redmarks all over my cheeks and my face is very pale (even tho im h
  6. does the neutrogena tanner cause u to break out at all? i mean i have a lot of redmarks and im pale as a ghost lol (and im half japanese) my neck is the natural color of my skin so i could use sum color on my face i think ill give it a try
  7. R U sure? what about tee tree oil for spot treatment? would that be too harsh as well?
  8. reallyyyy that sucks kangin what do u use for ur lips? thanks for the reply
  9. OK its DAY 18 i had a huge breakout along my jawline over the last couple of days painful ones its really upsetting.. but i know acccutane will work for me in the lng run SIDe effects: dry lips skin is sumwaht dry I have a question for ppl who live in canada I went to walmart today to get some aquaphor and cetaphil cleasing bar but i couldnt find any so does anyone in canada know where i can find aquaphor and cetaphil gentle cleansing BAR not the liquid one???????
  10. thats nuts man CRAZY!! seems like ur redmarks fade real quick, i have redmarks from literary 2 yrs ago i can see ull be clear in no time bro good luck wuts ur dosage by the way? haha nvm its in the title im an idiot lol
  11. DAY 14 break outs have gona down a bit still with a couple whiteheads here and there no new inflamed zits oilyness still present but i can tell my inside of the nose and lips are startin to get dry. hopefully the IB is almost overrrrr
  12. yeah white lights (especially floresent or how ever u spell it) are the worse. the sun makes my redmarks look better in my opinion its worse when its cloudy outside
  13. thanks raina i moiturize at night be4 bed but as of now i am still oily so i dont moisturize durin the day but once my oiliness is gone, ill be sure to moisturize throughout the day. good luck to u as well Day 9: still breaking out a little was out in the sun for an hr or so but didnt get burned or anything oiliness still there