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    dancing, raving, fotty/ rugby league, you will find me at coogee beach with a aussie towel :p<br /><br /><br />Favorite movie<br />Snatch!<br />pulp fiction<br />lock stock and 2 smoking barrels..<br /><br />Music<br />happy /hardcore hardstyle hardtechno<br />love rock aswell like foo fighters motley crue guns n roses kiss beatels Nirvana blink 182
  1. rodd

    welcome back julz mate.. btw ive got that exact same tshirt thats in your sig :D

  2. Sorry its guna fall off mate...
  3. im pritty clear the only treatment all i have used is beach water
  4. i tried this... i felt stupid! and it was stupid! lol NOTHING happend i tried 3 times
  5. do you mean eating lemons or putting it on the skin ??? i tried that for like 2 weeks its EXTREMLY bad for you and your teeth!!!
  6. good advise right here... and i recon the mullet idea is great, no such thing as a bad mullet..
  7. dont go, the more aussies on here the better.. the rest of the world dosnt understand us when we complain about new zealand..
  8. lol i like ur nose! good nose! yeah i know what you mean when i went to school i always felt unattractive.. or mabey it was because i was lol..
  9. I just think people who have acne even if its bad, if they they seem not to care then why should i....
  10. Yeah acne is fine in small or moderate doses as long as she isn’t extremely touchy about her skin... im 18
  11. Please go easy on the make up girls.. please, i prefer no make up or just a i dono what you call it brush over...