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  1. wtf is going on. i still have to moisturize my face in the morning. i dont think i'm over washing it. i rinse it with water in the morning when i take my shower and then i wash with dove soap before i go to bed at night. people that are off tane - what is your regime?
  2. i take 12 grams a day. feel great, never get sick, etc.
  3. i think acne will fuck my confidence up for a long ass time. even if i notice improvement i'll still be down because of the red marks that still remain. 8 months ago i would have died to look like i do now, but i'm not happy at all with how my skin looks now. kinda fucked up.
  4. 10 days left. i can't believe it. i just hope my redness will go away faster when i'm off tane.
  5. ah thanks! i'm alright, been getting alot of sun lately but i'm not burning. i'm not using sun screen either. i have about 10 days left! are you done? day 171 80mg