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  1. No, I dont drink milk because I dont like it, not because of acne. So I haven't tried any other type of milk, I take supplements. Worth a try I guess. Side note: An allergic reaction to milk doesn't break everyone out. My brother can not drink milk because he is lactose intolerant and he didn't break out because of it. There are many many links that link Iodine in milk to acne, I've read them, they're out there. Whether you want to believe them or not is your option, but you asked and
  2. I highly doubt it's the iodine content. Regular milk and cheese break me out badly, but I eat a lot of organic kefir (which is almost the same as yogurt) and that doesn't break me out at all. They all have iodine. I'm not exactly sure what it is about milk and cheese that break me out. It could be the added hormones (in non-organic dairy). I haven't tried consuming a lot of organic regular milk or organic cheese to know of those break me out or not. Or it could be the casein, which is a
  3. Iodine. I dont drink milk of any kind, I take supplements.
  4. I just recently added 3% BHA to my regimen for that exact reason, no matter how I washed or with what, I didn't feel "clean". The BHA gives me that "clean" feeling, it cleans deep down in my pores and gives me that tingly fresh clean feeling, I love it.
  5. I used it for 2 weeks and had to stop because it broke me out horribly and iritated my face, my face was red and itchy and it was horrible. Took me over a month to get my breakouts back under control. Its very harsh and I didn't like it at all.
  6. I have been using Mary Kay's microderma kit, the crystals are VERY small and fine and it's been great. If you live in the US you can get a free sample, http://www.marykay.com/adsample/main.aspx?...redirectsid=215 it got great reviews from makeupalley http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...ary_Kay/Scrubs/ its expensive but you can buy the samples from eBay and they are much cheaper and will last a long time (that is what I did, I got 12 applications for $6). Good luck, I love it and it ma
  7. TTO broke me out HORRIBLY, took me forever to get my face back to "normal". IF you do use it, make sure to dilute it, dont use it straight, it's way to harsh for that. The smell is HORRID and after it broke me out I was so afraid to use anything that had TTO in it. I now use a soap that has TTO in it and I do fine. Just be careful.
  8. I wash mine every week, all you need is a mild soap - like Cetaphil. Let them "air" dry and they're ready to be used again. I do mine at night so they have all night to dry and ready for me to use them again in the morning.
  9. Its called Hydrosol and it's distilled water that comes in a fine mist that you spray to "set" your minerals. You can also get them with essential oils added, like Lavender and Rose. There are many places online to buy them, most of the mineral makeup sites also sell them. The more popular sites that I know of are: http://www.naturesgift.com/hydrosol_order.htm https://shop.gardenofwisdom.com/categoryNav...?categoryId=109 - Cheaper from here, I just ordered a few myself. They aren't c
  10. The stongest (home) peel that I know of is a TCA peel, I am currently doing one myself. Not sure where to get it offline but I bought mine at MUAC and it was fairly cheap too (for a sample that will give you 3-5 peels).
  11. Well, I am only on day three and this is my first peel, so I cant comment yet because with the TCA peel it can take about 10 days to see the full effects, so I am not there yet. I will say that where I did the peel is very smooth, very pink, like new skin is coming through. I am very happy with the results so far, but I will have to post again after the peel is completely done. So far, I'm happy with it though.
  12. I am currently using a 12.5% TCA peel from MUAC http://www.makeupartistschoice.com/tcapeel.htm
  13. I bought mine from here Simply Emu and have been using it for over 2 months now. I really like it. I know of some people who bought theirs from Purple Emu and they really like it. I haven't tried the emu oil from there, but I do use their Blemish Control and I like it a lot.
  14. TCA CROSS is the application of high strength TCA (50-100%) to the scars only. A sharpened wooden applicator (cocktail stick, toothpick or something similar) is used to apply small amounts of the TCA to the scars ONLY. The whole idea is that over time, Collagen builds up and the scar fills in. High percentages of TCA are used because they generate better collagen production than the much weaker solutions (12.5-20%) Here's a link that explains it- http://www.cosmeticskin.com/skin-acne4.shtml
  15. I guess it would be ok. Why not use a good moisturizer to help hydrate your skin?
  16. I've been seeing that some people had or want to have a TCA Cross done, what is this? Is it the same as a TCA Peel? I just got my 12.5% peel and Im currently doing my spot test now, but I have been seeing people talk about 70% and 100% TCA and I am confused? Isn't that a bit much?
  17. No, it shouldn't be. You need to buy it from an Asian store or a place online that sells the pure rice powder. This is the place that I am ordering mine from https://shop.gardenofwisdom.com/displayProd...g?productId=437 as you can see she says it's "Soft, silky feeling". I know of someone who has used the rice powder from that site and it isn't grainy at all, very fine and soft.
  18. You can get kits to do at home from anywhere between 8-18% and I would suggest you start out at a low dose first and see how it goes. I just ordered a 12.5% peel and I plan on starting off on a spot test because from what I've read you can have a pretty bad "downtime" of peeling for days. It's different for everyone, thus the reason for a spot test. You may not need a higher dose from a derm, start out with a low home kit and if you dont get the results you want, then go to a derm. Also, so
  19. Remember to apply it to your face damp. It works best when your face is slightly wet, rub in gently. I apply about 3-4 drops into the palm of my hand, rub the oil until it's warm and then apply to my face and neck. Usually within 15 minutes or so it's dry and my face is so soft.
  20. I just ordered a few things from the MUAC site and I saw this CP (Copper Peptide) Serum and it looks good. The reviews from makeupalley are good too. I have a TCA peel and 3% Beta Hydroxy Serum coming and thought that the CP would be good to use after the peel. Just wanted to get thoughts from those who have used this or something simular.
  21. Hello there! I too just ordered a TCA peel, should have it by Monday. I got mine from here TCA Peel its the 12.5%. What I did was read at Makeupalley, they have reviews of people who have used them. Downtime (peeling) seems to be what concerns me the most, since I work. I plan on doing a spot test first, to see what kind of downtime I will have, and then do a whole face peel. I suggest you read at makeupalley and anywhere else you can, get as much info as you can. Here is the review for t