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  1. My derm said to wait a year after tane before performing any surgerys, lazer treatments, chemical peels, etc.
  2. 5/19/06 - Still getting pimples, just chapped lips, no bad side effects. I notice im improvingg a little, still not happy with my results though. I still have time though. I hope lol.
  3. 5-4-06 Nothing is new, I seem to be getting new pimples still, and the redmarks are even worse than before. I feel like it's stopped working, eh well im going to be optimistic till the full length then bitch if it dont work lol. Derm Appointment on Monday to start Month # 3
  4. Wow I really havent updated this in awhile sorry! well 4-19-06 I seemed to break out a lot in my cheeks, but its pretty much gone now. I dont really have any pimples that bother me. I still have some small ones on my forhead. I have a million redmarks that still bother me. I notice some scarring in my cheeks, hopefully I can get that fixed. Dunno what else to say:)
  5. uhh im getting blackheads!! I've never had black heads before oh boy. I was like woah mom what are these little bumps all over my nose? she looked at them and said black heads.
  6. Just got back from the derm and she rasied my dose to 60 mg day! Yay im happy lol If I could I'd take 120mg a day. Im on a system like this Day1 2x 40 mg pills Day2 1x 40 mg pills Repeat Anyways thank you everyone for posting
  7. So stiff you couldent walk, or move. Prolly soo stiff you cant breath and than you die and nobody cares:) lol jk
  8. What do you ride? 125's, 250's? 125 RM, yea 2 stroke suck lol. I plan on getting a four stroke sometime before this summer ends cause thats were the competetion is.
  9. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to get a hold of that.
  10. Thanks for thee feedback Taxi, hmmm well im just glad im on accutane not much else I can think of lol.
  11. Thats the thing im afraid of too. If accutane dont works, than there really isnt anything else left to try since it guarantees the highest succes rate. Anyways goodluck
  12. Thanks Posh, goodluck to you too. Was weird, today actually a few girls "flirted" with me. I wish my acne didn't kill my confidence to throw them off :\ Acne has ruined so many relationships with me. I always give everyone the wrong message, and send them to another direction. I just want to be my self in 5 months, I really hope accutane is my miracle
  13. haha its on theres nothing more awesome than a race, I race motocross . Goodluck though. and what I meant was a certain moisturizer, pill, etc that is known to help heal scars quicker. Im going to ask my derm next visit, and I'll be sure to let you guys know whats up Anyways, Thank you for all the kind comments.