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  1. I want to try this foundation so bad. I trust Neutrogena so much, its by far my favorite drugstore brand.
  2. I'm currently using this too. I loooove it. I honestly think it holds pretty good in my las vegas weather. I just need to touch up mid day with powder then im all set. I havnt used the blush either, but im guessing it has the same staying powder and consistency as the foundation just.... with COLOR... duh. haha... oh yeah and didnt they just start making eyeshadow pots too?? god i need to get my ass to the store.
  3. Hey! There is this website: www.specktra.net It has tutorials, face of the days (FOTDS), advice, pretty much everything that covers beauty. Definatly (sp?) check it out. I recently saw a tutorial posted on how to apply Foundation. Hope this helps
  4. I live in las vegas where it gets up to 120 trust me i feel you on this girl. I've found that using prep and prime on my skin before i apply foundation etc etc really helps keep it from sliding off so much... look iinto macs prep and prime, i swear by it.
  5. I'm on the same exact regimin as of now. 100 mg doxycycline 1 capsule for six weeks. I have the same problem. these bumps on my upper arm and back. give it a try!!!! I've only seen results and I'm almost in my 3rd week. Its not really acne on my back, it doesnt get red and the only way you can really tell its there is to touch or look closely. But ever starting my new regimin I have NONE. really, absolutely none. It wasnt bad at all to begin with really, but now there are NO problems.
  6. Lancome makes this greaaaaaaaat lotion called Pure Focus Lotion in a green bottle. I mean its fucking amazing! Its the only lotion I've yet to try that keeps my skin shine free for hours, dude im not messing. okay i have really bad oily skin. Its a bit on the pricy side, around 30 dollars for 1.7 oz. But its heaven sent. also try using an oil free foundation (water based). mac cosmetics has the greatest foundations i've tried and loose translucent powder (not pressed) to set it will keep
  7. Hi, thanks for your concern. And yes, they are seperated. I do not have one bit of sensitive skin, hahah more tough thick and oily, eh. I've used bp for a long period of time before so its nothing new to me, but the rest is. I hav'nt experienced ANY problems at all. And already I'm seeing a change. My skin feels much softer and the skin tone looks much more even. But then again when I went to see a derm my skin was beginning to clear up a bit, I do think its helping. It also might get wors
  8. junkalunk


    what im starting with ;[
  9. A little about myself. I'm 15, suffered from moderate/mild acne for two years and i've had ENOUGH. Currently a sophomore in highschool. And I'm sure most of you can relate with the emberrasment of acne with peers, especially when majority of your friends have THE most perfect clear skin. But thats besides the point. My first ever visit with the derm was this morning. She perscribed me the following: CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE topical solution 100 MG TETRACYCLIN (doxycycline hyclate) DIFFERIN G