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  1. I think that time is coming, but its really really hard to meet new people especially in my situation
  2. The thing is, im paranoid about trust and i dont know who i can trust and who i cant anymore. People will lie2 me, just so that they can keep on using me for rides or for whatever reason they want2. I just would rather be safe than sorry and i dont want2 get backstabbed. I knew a guy for 2 months and he said im his best friend la la, bc all i did was drive him around from place2 place, yet he considered me his best friend. 1 day i decided not to chill with him so he went off on me and hes like
  3. you guys make a great point about me wanting a beautiful girl, yet i want the girl to like me because im ugly. It really helped me realize what was going on because i couldnt quite grasp the feelings myself. Now that i know that my dream about this is pretty much impossible, i can do nothing. I also realized that everytime im around her shes on some sorta drugs so the way she acts and is, is always drug induced (most likely). i wouldnt want a person like that anyways. I also got to talk2 her co
  4. ..I dont know whats going on with my life recently, or maybe if its just me but whenever i go out or whatever i do im never able to have fun anymore. On top of that whenever i go out with my guy friends or even my gal friends i get the feeling that i am being used. What we typically do is start the night out with me driving them around. Then i end up getting them alcohol or other drugs through some people and then they do the drugs, sometimes i do the drugs as well. I cant think of a day when we
  5. i like parties from the aspect that u get fucked up, but then again i hate parties because, everytime i go to one i watch other people get on each other, or i watch the girl i like get on a random dude while im by myself drinking or doing something else stupid. Maybe i should just try to have more fun in my life but its hard because im soo tied up in the little parts of it.
  6. i want her just as a friend and just her companionship because im too damn lonely thats all i want i wasnt going after her, and since half of my freidns are fake (i just realized that a day ago) she would probably fit in well. im just irritated that she initiated the conversation with the ugly, queer loser guy (whom i forget to add doesnt know how2 talk with girls, YET HAS NO ACNE ) where as with me she just kept on giving me queer ass looks.
  7. I dunno if this is in the correct forum, but i was wondering is there any evidence that acne is caused by stress?? I always thought that it was for some reason, especially overnight i had somethin problematic happen to me and now my face seems more inflamed and what not... I was just wondering if anybody has anything about the relationship between acne and stress
  8. i want her bc shes extremely gorgeous... and the loooks i was getting i couldnt really understand them but she would have at least said bye to me which she didnt soo i doubt that she was loooking at me bc she liked me I dont get it, everything about her i dont like (from the way she talks to the way she walks) but why is there something deep inside of me that makes me want her friendship soo much?
  9. in order to love and be loved, you first have to love yourself.... but i totally agree with you and feel the same way.. life is getting lonely for me right now right as im entering colllege and supposed to have "best time of my life"
  10. yea it is true, everybody hates looking at the acne the pimples.. whatever u wanna call it , even all of us ourselves dont like to look at it ourselves, we just like everybody else want smooth skin and unforutanetly bc we dont have that it bring many drawbacks to us
  11. im 18 and have never been told anything like that, i've been told the opposite that i will grow out of it soon.. but i think that im not gonna grow out of it and become like one of u guys which is going to suck
  12. does this dry ur skin out... and does it have any other purpose besides getting rid of pimples quickly
  13. Does any1 know how smoking ciggerettes effects acne... althought i heard that its not good, i dont see any hard it would bring to acne since its going into ur lungs, not ur face.
  14. I quit trying with girls.. theyre all fake and not interested in me like the newest one who gave me a a fake number. i dont understand why its so difficult to just say no u cant have my number instead trying2 play mind games with me... anyways im gonna follow the quote i made up... sometimes its better to quit than keep on trying.. sooo im done with trying2 get girls or they're numbers