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  1. Hey everyone! I know it's been forever since I updated my regimen log, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to retire my regimen log. I am still having successful results and my face is doing great. I'm too busy to be updating this all the time, so unless I start a new regimen or my face gets bad again, then I won't be doing a regimen log anymore. Thanks to all of yall who gave me advice and encouragement! I'll still be around making occasional comments on the message boards.
  2. You are seriously misguided if you think that everything printed in every textbook is true. You are a poor display of a college student. Can you say... sarcastic? If you are suggesting you were being sarcastic when you said that "everything in text books are true", then perhaps you should be a man and own up to the fact that you, my poor colleague, were wrong by implying that textbooks are always factual and credible.
  3. You are seriously misguided if you think that everything printed in every textbook is true. You are a poor display of a college student.
  4. Wow, what a sad display. Is your self-esteem and the esteem of your gender so low that you must post as many important-sounding "studies" as you can that support your theory on a website that helps people with acne? I, like Proverbial, would love to see the source of this study. Why should anyone believe the results of this study are legitimate when the second word in the title is misspelled, along with every other word in the article? It looks like a 12-year-old kid wrote that whole thing.
  5. Day 51: Well I'm still not getting any cysts, but I have had a few pimples here and there lately. I had this big one on my forehead that I squeezed, regrettably, and a big one on my chin, that I also squeezed. That was not good. And I have a couple on my cheeks. My skin is really dry and flaky right now. It sucks. I've been kinda slacking on the ACV/baking soda/egg white regimen, and even on my Doryx pills, so I really need to step it up. School has been stressing me out and making me wa
  6. ChaKarissa

    Tracking My Progress

    No makeup (look at them from a lower angle to see ALL the red marks!)
  7. Every time I've worn liquid makeup, my skin has felt really gross until I washed it off, and often it caused me to get lots of clogged pores. I started my current regimen in November, when my skin was terrible and I had a lot of huge cysts. They were so painful . Anyway, I believe the antibiotic is a significant contributor to my almost clear skin, but the Tazorac is also a great product that I'll probably use for a very long time. My favorite product: Tazorac.
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  9. Day 41: Wow, I'm already on day 41? The time is flying by. Happy valentine's day, everyone! Well, my skin is still doing great. Nothing new to report. I had a couple of clogged pores over the past few days, and I squeezed some of those things. I really hope my skin doesn't start getting immune to the topical creams I put on. That would definitely suck. Has that happened to anyone? I can't imagine what I would do if they stopped working. I don't want to think about it! Anyway, I'm g
  10. Hahaha, this is hilarious. I don't fit the stereotype. But I'll agree that in general, this is an accurate stereotype. I think I'm fairly attractive with a nice body and I have a 3.8 at a tough college, and I'm in the engineering school. I do think that my face is not that pretty, because I have strong features, like a big bump in my nose and acne, of course. But I take care of myself and stay active, so I don't think I was born beautiful. I just work hard at everything I do.
  11. Yeah, initial breakouts suck, but you gotta be tough for the first few weeks! In my far-from-expert opinion, I would apply the clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide at different times in the day, one in the morning and one at night. If for some reason you can't do that, then I guess I would apply the clindamycin first. I would be more worried that if you put the bp on first, it would get rubbed off when you apply the clindamycin. I'm not sure though. I apply the Duac (clindamycin + benzoyl perox
  12. Day 38: Aw man, I wrote up a post and forgot to click "Add Reply" and instead only clicked "Preview Post". Anyway, nothing new. I'll just send yall to the progress pictures: Right http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...cmd=si&img=9282 Left http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...cmd=si&img=9283 Later!
  13. Ok, yall. This is an update . I am so happy with the new deodorant. I no longer sweat like crazy, sometimes not even at all! And it was the sweating that, in the past, caused me to be more nervous, then it was a perpetual cycle that never ended. I just kept getting more and more nervous and just couldn't be myself. But all that has nearly disappeared. Today, I had to do 2 things in front of groups. I had to present my building design to a group of 8 people + 1 TA in class, which I did wi
  14. Day 34: School is taking up way too much of my time! Nothing new. I guess no news is good news. I have like 1 little active pimple, more like just a whitehead or something. Red marks, please go away. That'd be great. I'm so tired and school is stressing me out! Gotta get back to work. littleladylola : Thanks for the advice about the Aquaphor. I've heard lots of good things about it. As far as the makeup goes, the Bare Minerals covers my faint red marks pretty well. The big ones (I ha