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    me b4 and after proactive
  2. My husband and I are trying to have a baby at the moment.....and with my last pregnancy I had really bad acne....my acne has now cleared up with Proactiv and I was wondering is BP safe to use during pregnancy...??? I would sacrifice my clear skin any day for a healthy baby.
  3. I have no social life at the moment but its not becuase of acne.....im a stay at home mom......but when i did have mild acne I went out every day....I found that it made me feel better to hang out with my friends and have some fun.....staying inside just made me more depressed cause i would just look at my face and wonder when it would go away/what could i do to make it go away. WHen I was out i almost forgot i even had acne.
  4. Ive been reading all this post and they are like im not a virgin but ive only had sex with 1/2/3 people....makes me feel like the most permiscueus (sp) person here.....being stupid when your young has its downfalls......thank god im married now....one person for the rest of my life..... its really not as bad as it sounds. Oh and i really do give the best head ever.....lol
  5. I have really sensitive skin and sometimes it gets really red and blotchy and peels from the BP....anyway I saw Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizing Cream and it promises to Reduce redness Calm and soothe irritated skin and Diminish blotchiness for even-looking skin in as little as a week so i decided to try it out......It works great and since its Oil-Free Hypoallergenic and Noncomedogenic it moisturizes my skin reduces redness blotchiness and peeling without causing breakouts! I would recomend t
  6. 20.....6 months till im 21.....and all that means is i can buy alcohol without my hubby.....hell yeah!!
  7. Lost it when i was 14 to my 17 year old b/f. I was young and stupid what can I say?
  8. I feel like a walking infomercial. I never really had bad skin through middle and High school....i would get a zit every now and then....but then i got married when i was 18 to my wonderful army husband and got pregnant with our now 1 year old daughter. for the 1st 2 months of my pregnancy i glowed...my shin was the best it has ever been.....then everything went down the crapper. I started breaking out everywhere.....my face was horriable it was so red and full of acne....so not only was i getti