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  1. i recall taking about 1000mcg 1 or 2 times a day after food. and about 4-5g's of vitamin c- thats about the limit that a body can take of vit c in one day without discomfort. vitamin c can make a big difference to acne. an essential nutrient in my opinion, especially if you don't eat much fruit. try taking a citrate form, that should make feeling nauseous unlikely in low doses. im a bit miffed about zinc, in some cases it really helps, in others it can cause a breakout.
  2. This was my conclusion at the time, 9 months ago: 'The way i see it at the moment these have been the most effective treatments for my skin in my acne history (in no particular order of importance): 1. antibiotics_ a brilliant antibacterial treatment but only temporarily effective (3 months) 2. excessive sunbathing_ great when i go on holiday but i live in England- Fuck! 3. fasting & cleasning diet_ cant live on this diet and have a normal active life at the same time but it does clear ski
  3. In theory fish oil has a lot going for it and has far more research done into it than GLA. in practice as well i noticed having more energy and felt more healthy in general, as well as my hair and nails growing at a faster than normal speed and being more healthy looking and stronger. fish oil is certainly important and healthy. i just didnt find a major clearing of my skin with it, although it does have a part to play in clearing acne via hormonal manipulation. The importance of GLA/PGE1 beco
  4. thanks for your reply. Ive researched long and hard and the only way GLA can turn into AA is by turning into DGLA first. At the DGLA stage it can go either two ways; PGE1 or AA. Its most likely to go PGE1. By taking eve prim or borage there is more LA than GLA in them. And LA can turn into AA. Thats where the main risk comes from by taking a supplement like eve prim or borage. I disagree with the statement that fish oil is more important for people with acne. Ive tried it in the past with n
  5. You may be interested to know about the benefits of krill oil in comparison to fish oil. http://www.mercola.com/products/krill_oil.htm
  6. can you please show me the source of this data. Ive done extensive research into PGE's and GLA and have never found anything that states that there is a limit to the GLA you can use, or that if there was it would convert excess GLA into AA. In fact I dont think GLA can even convert into AA. Only LA and DGLA can.
  7. DHA is well known to improve brain health, and DHA is in fish oil. So this is why you will have had no headaches when taking fish oil. If you take omega oils dont forget to take a good antioxidant like vitamin e. Fats, especially unsaturated fats like omega 3 burn up in the body and create free radicals. It is important to take antioxidants to stop damage to cells, especially if you are going to be taking high doses of fish oil.
  8. ALA converts into EPA, which then converts into PGE3. Its pretty much the whole point in taking ALA....Taking EPA 'straight' from fish oil is much more efficient. I will have a look for a study. Im pretty sure its the hormone PGE3 that does it and not the ALA. Perhaps indirectly as PGE3 inhibits PGE2- which causes sebum production. Also, PGE1 inhibits PGE2. So maybe PGE1's & PGE3's anti-sebum properties are indirect, i.e. they inhibit a sebum producer- PGE2.
  9. Ive been asked about this before, and to be honest I doubt evening primrose oil is going to be dangerous whilst taking bcp's. It would be known about. Or at least you would hope so...
  10. 1) anything from 50mg to 700mg depending on various factors...200mg-400mg is usually the optimum dose. 2) EFAs produce anti-inflammatory hormones which have many positive effects on the body and skin health, one of them being, as you said, reducing the viscosity of sebum. ALA (or more accurately, the PGE3 it turns into) is more well known for its sebum reduction than GLA. Yet I doubt acne can be cured with only ALA, or without GLA. 3) ALA cannot be converted to GLA.
  11. R.S has nailed what you need to do. I had good success with threelac last year. After a few days of threelac one sympton of candida disappeared, I didnt wake up feeling really groggy anymore! The best probiotic on the market (on paper) was fivelac, but this seems to have been stopped in production by GHT. Another anti-fungal worth trying is olive leaf extract. If you cycle the anti-fungals on a weekly basis as R.S pointed out and follow a low sugar/low simple carb/high fibre diet, whilst taki
  12. Most of those studies from http://blogg.passagen.se/dahlqvistannika/?...kapliga_studier are about carbohydrates, not fats!!!! Here is a list of over 5000 studies regarding saturated fats and fats in general. The vast majority prove the link between sat. fats and bad health in many areas, such as cardiovascular health, heart health etc. http://www.google.com/custom?q=saturated+f...tart=0&sa=N So there are over 5000 studies for you to look through. Actually i did read it and didnt thin
  13. I disagree, it has relevance. http://www.newstarget.com/020637.html is a summation of a scientific study called a press release. Just in case you didn't read it, here it is again. "Before you bite into that burger or devour that doughnut, first chew on this: New research shows that just one meal high in saturated fat can affect the body's ability to protect itself against some of the underlying causes of heart disease and stroke. The research, conducted at The Heart Research Institute in Syd
  14. There are tons of studies done regarding saturated fats and health issues. Here are a couple of good sites though: http://www.newstarget.com/020637.html http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=532 Maybe your acne improved because you cut down on carbs rather than because you increased saturated fats...