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  1. I really paid attention to what my skin was responding to. My skin DID NOT like the csr, and cetaphil wasn't doing anything for me. So I went to Whole Foods and got a tea tree oil/sea kelp face wash and I am 100% clear. I am not kidding. I use no BP or SA or any other acne treatment. And I had big, yellow three headed pimples all over my chin and on right part of my forehead. The soap is by "Desert Essence". All I have left now are the dreaded red marks, but time will take care of those. I beli
  2. I actually switched from the csr to using a tea tree oil/sea kelp face wash by Desert Essence and it made a huge improvement!! Keep us posted if you try it, good luck! Jenny
  3. Thanks for the advice..I will try it! Jenny
  4. I think if you just started it might be a bit early to use aha...IMO
  5. First of all there are many people who only use BP once a day because of sensativity. I started off with twice a day but my skin couldn' t take it. And I gave it a college try. Second of all I am not the only one who have stated that the Eucerin was irriatating for their skin. Are you trying to tell me that I didn't break out because of that lotion??? I certainly saw a cause and effect... I was just relating my experience because the CSR doesn't work for everybody and I wanted to relay what I h
  6. Oh, I forgot to add that I have been doing my new routine for about 2 weeks. And before that I had followed the Regimen to a "T" Jenny
  7. OK, I had what would be considered mild acne. It was on my chin and starting to cover the right hand side of my forehead. It was really effecting me emotionally. These zits were HORRIBLE, kinda one on top of the other, and when they would come to a head there would be like 4 heads on ONE zit. Anyways, I tried the CSR but could only do it in the evening for my skin is very sensitive. Initially I saw an improvment, but after that initial improvement my skin didn't get any better. So I kept it up f
  8. Hi there, I have been on the regimen for 2 months and my skin looks better, not great but better. Because of the flaking, which Neutragena only made worse, I decided to switch to the popular Eucerin. OMG I started getting cystic acne all over my chin!!! Because I couldn't take that I switched back to the other lotion, and because of the gross dry flakey skin I stopped the CSR altogether. Actaully my skin looks better today than it has in months. Just wondering if anyone else had the same exper
  9. I did that before. I went to my dr and she prescribed a cream called "desonide". I diluted it with cetaphil cream and within a day I was 90% better. I will never make that mistake again! Good luck and I hope your skin feels better!