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  1. This is a common side effect. I don't know that there is much that can be done. I endured this through my course and it went away a few weeks after stopping. Some people try lotions of various sorts, but I don't have any good advice in that regard. P&W
  2. Different derms take different approaches. I started at 40 mg/day for two weeks and then bumped up to 80 mg/day. I weigh 185lbs. Some derms are more cautious and others more aggressive. I think mine was somewhat middle of the road. P&W
  3. Read my post-Tane log (link below) for details, but I recall being pretty normal after a month. However, my lips are dryer than they were before Accutane still (7 months later) and I hope they will stay this way because it's very minor. My skin is oily, but not nearly as much as it was pre-Tane. I hope the dryer lips and skin are indicators that my skin has changed permanently (or long-term) in a way that will keep the acne away. P&W
  4. You are allowed to donate blood after one month. I think most of my symptoms were gone by that time. However, the idea is to have permanent or long term remission of acne, so obviously there are some side effects that you don't want to go away, like reduced oil production and fewer clogged pores/pimples, etc. P&W
  5. I had one injection while on 'Tane - didn't need any others. My derm was just fine with it. The one I had was for a monster cyst that would have really turned nasty without the cortisone. Instead, it disappeared in a couple of days. Those injections are like miracles! P&W
  6. Week #32 This weekend I'll celebrate my one year anniversary of my first Accutane pill! The past week has been nearly flawless skin-wise, jsut a couple of very tiny whiteheads. Wow, the time has gone by quickly. This will be the last post in my Post-Tane log because everyone has seemed to lose interest in it (including me!). Let me summarize: 1. There's a whole lot of hype about the dangers of Accutane, but in my experience it's all a lot of hot air being blown around. The side effects we
  7. Update: I've been modifying my routine as needed, so here's the latest: Washing only with water, maybe with Purpose liquid once a week. Using RAM only on areas that don't pose a redness/peeling problem (nose, front of face). Using Cetaphil moisturizer 3-4 times a day to keep the peeling redness at bay. Using CortAid on red spots which seems to knock them down in a day or two.
  8. OK, somebody liked my joke. Don't get me started! Here's another one: Did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac? He lay awake all night wondering if there was a Dog... Week #31 Another pretty good week. The redness and peeling on my chin is almost completely gone. I still get little red spots around my moustache that don't itch (much) and aren't raised. If I put Cortisone lotion on them they go away in a day or two. I don't know what the cause is. As far as the zit patrol goes
  9. Hi Brandy! I got your comment on my profile.


    1. Thanks charchar, I'll take a look at that moisturizer. The redness has improved in the past week quite a bit. I have been using CortAid on the small red spots and they are gone. Moisturizing the chin helps with the peeling and redness. It's (the redness) not gone, but is fading gradually. Week # 30 OK - my log is getting pretty dull and I'll probably discontinue it when I hit my 1 year anniversary of popping my first Accutane pill. That will be around Dec 23rd if I recall correctly. The
    2. Stand firm and insist on Accutane. If your derm won't cooperate, go to another one. Some have different attitudes about Accutane than others. P&W
    3. Hello OSF! Welcome to the old age acne club! Sounds like you've been through a lot and you need a good break from skin problems! Best wishes and keep hanging out here. It will help sustain you through bad times and good! P&W
    4. Hi FutureDoc, Welcome to the 'Tane family! I'm 6+ month post-Tane, but I still like to keep in touch with the family. I had to use Visine many times a day, especially in dry places like malls or dept. stores. If you are drying out already, that's good. I got much oilier at first (and I was REALLY oily to begin with) and then I dried out after a couple of weeks. I think that contributed to my initial breakout, which was pretty significant. However, the results after one month were almost c
    5. Wow! Two weeks without posting and I was hidden back on page 6 of the Accutane logs! I neglected my weekly post last Thursday because it was Thanksgiving and I was busy eating turkey! Here's the latest: Week #28 It's hard to remember what week 28 was like, but I know I was still having problems with a red chin. Peeling was under control because I started moisturizing more often. However, any moisturizer I use seems to accentuate the redness. The occasional small pimple here and there. I