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  1. Not acne related. Has anyone tried Flying Angels or any other Funk Pills?



    "Formulated by cutting edge pharmacologists, Flying Angel unleashes the strongest, fastest acting E-Sensory buzz available."

    "Do not exceed stated dose. May cause increased heart rate & short-term insomnia. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers or individuals with any medical condition or mental illness. May function as a CNS stimulant. Do not drive or operate machinery for 8 hours after consumption. Contains PHENYLALANINE."

    We were very skeptical at first, but they are really really good, I cant beleive they are legal. Does exactly what it says on the tin, apart from fast acting, they can take 45mins to 1 hour 30mins to feel anything.

    The worst part is the short-term insomnia, its really bad, you wont sleep at all. 1st time i took them was at about 11pm on a work night, I was still totally fucked at 9am, could hardly see never mind speak to customers.

    Other bad point are the taste, if you have 2 or more, you keep burping and tasting them!

    The website is down at the moment, but i expect they will be back soon, so has anyone else tried them, if so what did you think?

  2. 1. How are you feeling today?

    Tired, at work all day.

    2. Do you use MSN alot?

    Yep i do.

    3. At what age did you get acne?


    4. What's your favourite food?

    Anything with tuna.

    5. Would you exchange your acne for clear skin, but you have to live as a fat person for 2 years?

    depends how fat tbh.

    6. How confident are you on a scale of 1 to 10?


    7. How do you feel when you see sexy people with clear skin?


    8. You are most attracted to guy's or girls?


    9. Your sucesses to clear skin is?


    10. How tall are you?


    11. Besides your skin, what's one thing you would change about your appreance?

    not sure

    12. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does un-clear skin put your attractivness down?


    13. If you saw an old grandma get robbed in the street would you chase the robber down and bash her?

    lol dunno depends where..

    14. What would you do if you were walking in the street and someone came up from behind and licked your neck?

    no idea, doubt it would happen.

    15.The best age to have sex is?


    16. Who is your best friend at acne.org?

    Don't really know anyone

    17. Your favourite TV shows are?

    Lost, The Shield, Scrubs

    18. Have you ever watched Charmed, what are your thoughts?

    It's ok, bit boring tho.

    19. Would you tell your friend if they smell really badly?

    yeah lol

    20. How much money would you pay to have clear skin?

    proberly a few thousand