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  1. Not acne related. Has anyone tried Flying Angels or any other Funk Pills? "Formulated by cutting edge pharmacologists, Flying Angel unleashes the strongest, fastest acting E-Sensory buzz available." "Do not exceed stated dose. May cause increased heart rate & short-term insomnia. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers or individuals with any medical condition or mental illness. May function as a CNS stimulant. Do not drive or operate machinery for 8 hours after consumption. Co
  2. Soul

    Picture 489.jpg

    looks like a very good day!
  3. Soul

    Day 140 (i think)

    I don't really know to be honest, but it does seem to work much better, the usual BP from the pharmacy seems to be really dry and harsh, even the 2.5% stuff.
  4. From the album: Soul on the clear skin regimen

    my skin is far from perfect but much better than it was 2 years ago, eating fresh fruit everyday helps a lot, got loads of pics on facebook if u wanna see more.
  5. lol, not is hasnt been photoshopped, real pic!
  6. From the album: Soul on the clear skin regimen

    wow! I was just looking at some photos from 2005/2006 to see the difference, just thought i would update the album with a few pics from 2008. I still get the rare breakout, but nothing like before. Still use 2.5% BP and Pears soap daily.
  7. Soul

    Day 140 (i think)

    Thanks everyone, I use: Pears Soap Dan's BP Superdrug's Moisturizer
  8. From the album: Soul on the clear skin regimen

    BP rules going to get drunk now
  9. Soul

    Day 87

    From the album: Soul on the clear skin regimen

    I have been doing the regimen for about 3 months so far, it is working great, Pears soap and Dan's BP work great I don't think i've missed any applications, no matter how drunk i've been, ruined so many towels are shirts though lol.
  10. Full Metal Jacket 24 season 5 (well the 4ep premiere)
  11. lol , "we offer a 100% money back guarantee!" If you die at least you can claim your money back.
  12. Stick to the regimen tbh, look at my gallery for my results.
  13. i know dan advises not to add ur own things to the regimen until your clear but before i started the regimen i was using 101E about 3 or 4 times a day, when i started i continued to use it once a day. Seemed to work quite well
  14. From the album: Soul on the clear skin regimen

    The right hand side is a pic from 16th dec (before i was using the regimen), left one 16th jan. this is day 16 on the regimen, i have no idea why i am so white in the other pic, i tried to take the photo in the same place and with the same light.
  15. solution i'm going to take a photo of my self in a public toilet mirror, see if my face looks worse