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  1. well if it does get unmanagable again, i definately encourage you to get accutane. for me now, i just have a few cysts, and my remaining redmarks, which are bound to fade as my acne does..if it does. if you end up getting accutane. which i hope you don't have to. i'll be glad to compare results.
  2. I don't think he was referring to redmarks, but the overall redness of the face that the inflammation from acne causes. I've had acne so severe that my entire face was red, not just red spots, but red all over (and I got the same whiteness or lack of redness around my eyes). When it was at it's worst, my face almost looked purple in spots......... That "acne tan" is a sign of some really inflamed acne.....not just a few redmarks....... Acne that bad deserves Accutane, or at least som
  3. You know that red tan you get from all the zits and pimples, and lay and make a perfect circle around your eyes? How the heck do you balance your skin tone? and why does it happen? I had acne from 6th grade, and i'm in sophmore in highschool now. I didn't notice the "TACNE - tan acne" since last year, and i have no idea how, or when it got there.
  4. Day 56 i think i've gotten a little better. not as big cyst, just alot of medium sized ones. my skin is very dry, and my arms are really weird! the dryness is not just dry/no moisture, but scabby. ii don't know if its a regular, but just noting on it. lips have gotten less irratable, or no i've been controlling it more with some carmex. symptoms aching back lips chapped arms and neck dry.
  5. day 41 40 mg. havn't updated in a while. this forum really does bring out the emo. i know its good to be open and all, but whenever i write in this i get all whiny and complainy. its weird because in reality, i don't complain that much about my acne, even when im getting the biggest breakouts. i'll have those days where i get sad cause someone mentions my acne, but its totally not a big deal and its really rare someone brings it up. and when they do its gonna be someone your close to so it doesn
  6. this doesn't really count as a day since for 3 fucking days i'vebeen off tane cause of some screw up! and all the pimples and zits singg IIIMM COMMNG OUT! WHOOHOOO! i'm ok with the acne that i can see, but not feel. it fucking suckswhen you feel the itchiness and all that whafhdsafhkahek
  7. Day 29 Holy crap i'm in hell. i havn't been complaining much about acne lately b/c i haven't had the time to complain, but now even being busy can't take focus off my acne. i am dying. shit i think i'm seeing new scars...wtf isn't it suppose to help?? this sucks monkey shit shit fuck. side effect dry lips dry skin sunburned easily bbbreakout!
  8. Day 21 40 mg I guess i'm updating b/c i've recently been getting a few new symptoms. I'm still breaking out alot around my jawline, and now on my cheeks, but still its not bothering me too much. Its pretty bad, and red, but i guess i just don't have time to worry about it. i'm still touching my face every 5 minutes, and i've been trying to change that habit. o yea this man asked me why i have acne... i hate when people ask those kind of stupid questions. why do you have so much acne? why are
  9. hey i got the same acne as you and i'm also currently on my 2nd week. day 18 to be precise. we got the same sideeffects, etc. Except..your already not breaking out anymore.??wtf.give me some tips man. do you use moisturizer or anything like that/
  10. Day 15 40 mg Thanks Vanity. Lol i guess i seem all angry and depressed, but its been mostly whats been happening around me. Lately, i haven't been focusing so much on my face like i did before, even if i'm having a crazy breakout! i guess its cause no one talks about it. I have been touching my face though. its so damn itchy and fun too peel the little skins! i'll try not to though, im already seeing some new scars. So i got some carmex for my lips, its alright, it helps a bit, but gets really
  11. Day 14 Not much to say, its all the same i think, excepts its getting worse on the jawlines again! and the lips are getting chappy again, and the backs still killing. side effects. chapped lips sore back moody.
  12. Day 13 40 mg so yesterday was not bad, but today, a million pimples popped out from nowhere. when i woke up i could feel small bumps alllll over my face. i heard the small ones last only 2 - 3 weeks? is that true? anways..i came back to school from the break. its alright, no one really "compliments" my skin, its allly jiffyy . only about 77 more days and maybe things will start looking better. side effects no nosebleeds..it was probably the weather back ache! dry lips attack of small pimples.
  13. Day 12 40mg Im starting to feel alot drier. I don't feel like i have to wash my face every three hours, which is a blessing. My back is seriously killing me though, everytime i switch positions when i sleep, i get these back spasm, o and when i bend down to wash my face, its really hard to get back up. damn i have those crater scars. those are pretty much undoable right? i noticed today my acne is not so much like mountains, they're more flatter today, which is a good. oo and no nose bleeds si
  14. Day 11 I'm in somewhat a better mood. Finally decided to go out. It was alright, people didn't stare at me too much. My symtoms of chapped lips aren't so much chapped, however they still are.. Im getting these random bloody noses, like movement of my upper lip and whoooosh open the gates of bloody bloodiness. I've been look at some pictures i have when i first started accutane, i konw its pretty stupid, but i just wanted to see if it had any difference, and it didn't. well not so much. Fucking