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  1. Aww that sux, what about www.aubreynicole.com/ I think they do International Shipping...
  2. ohh I just bought one of those Signature Minerals Buki brush. I can't wait to get it in the mail, for $9 it looks pretty lush...
  3. As a spot treatment tea tree oil does wonders for me, i used it to control my cyst acne before i went on birthcontrol. Keep using tea tree oil for a couple of months and you notice a difference...
  4. And some MORE articles on this product... http://jn.nutrition.org/cgi/reprint/133/11/3725 And some of the controversies surrounding Juice Plus... http://www.answers.com/topic/juice-plus
  5. Found an article on Juice Plus explaining why it may not be the wonderpill.. http://www.mlmwatch.org/04C/NSA/juiceplus.html Juice Plus: A Critical Look Stephen Barrett, M.D. Here are some quotes from the Articale
  6. I've been using it, does a good job and doesn't leave my skin feeling too dry..and less expensive than most cleansers..
  7. why don't you just order the trial kit?, its $16 to see if it works.. http://www.cilabousa.com/en/trialkit.asp
  8. Thanks for the info! I'll stick with it and see what happening in the next few months..
  9. I had heard somewhere that barley Grass juice was high in all of the vitamins and good for you and also that it was great for people with acne? I just started drinking it (not for the acne though), because it relieves constipation...and then I read about the acne part and wondered if its true? If so thats a added bonus! If anyone has an answers or ideas that would be fantastic... Thanks!
  10. Actually I skipped the placebo on my yasmin, and I had this weird heavy spotting for nearly 3 weeks... is that completely normal? It makes life really hard when your spotting for 3 weeks, any body knows if that goes away with time? Other than that, Yasmin has cleared my up pretty nicely, not completetly though, I get one or two pimples every two weeks but I'll take that ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. And my red marks are clearing up soo freaking fast.
  11. I love bareminerals, I'm a mixed raced girl, and bareminerals is the only mineral makeup that i have found that matches my skin coloring. And it takes me months to finish it, and has never broke me out, and I get soo many compliments over my skin!
  12. Thanks for all the response!!! Yasmin really is getting rid of my acne..I'll try water and exercise for 2 months, if no change I'll risk it and change to another pill!! No one in my enitire family has cellulite, so I doubt its the genes... i just started getting it 2 months ago, after I took the yasmin...
  13. I never had cellulite before, I mean my skin is now near perfect thanks to Yasmin and Greencream. But my thighs are filled with cellulite. You guys think if I get off the Yasmin it will go away? Or should I just suck it up??
  14. I actually ordered samples too, the colors however..even when i mixed them, is no where near my own color. Its either too red, or too yellow..Seems like a great product though, I LOVE their blushes though! But I think I'll stick to bare minerals..
  15. I'm on Yasmin and using green-cream for maintenance, I have to say I've been clear for about a month now, I went thorough the initial breakout, and yasmin does work slowly but now if i get even one pimple its gone by the next day...also my red marks are slowly fading..really slowly though..