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  1. OK, guess what I just started? Accutane....yippee! I couldn't stand it anymore. It is the only thing I have not tried so I really hope it helps. Today is day 4 for me. I am 130 lbs. and my doctor gave me 40 mg per day, 1 20mg twice a day. I got my lab/blood work back and it is all normal, so that is good too. So far I don't have any of the side effects. But today I put on a little powder and blush (I don't ware make up very often) and after several hours (and a 3 mile walk) I don't look
  2. You're very welcome. Thank You as well for all the info and sharing. I will for sure keep you updated as I hope you do the same. If I can find that book I am going to buy it. I'll let you know if we are doing anything wrong. Best of Luck, Tam
  3. The brand of GA that I'm using is Neoteric Alpha Hydrox. The link is http://www.alphahydrox.com/default.cfm and they have a store finder that should help you. I buy mine at Eckerd. I also rub the ice over my face and fingers. I use my fingers cause I do my whole face and I can't use the palm of my hand to do my nose, temples, etc. I have been using a plastic water-filled ice block but I can only do one section at a time, so tonight I will use a big bag of veggies that I have. I don't know w
  4. I started the acne cure 3 days ago. But it was hard for me to find something with Glycolic Acid in it. The only thing I could find was Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Treatment Mask. But it doesn't say what percent GA it has, plus it had SA in it, although it is only .5%. But then last night I realized that I had some Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion. It has 10% Glycolic Acid......Yipee! I used the SA and the GA this morning, so I will consider today my first day. I could totally tell the diffe
  5. I get, well had, the little ones on my forehead and temple. To get ride of them this is what I did. After I rub in my BP, I put another layer of BP on the small ones, but i don't rub it in very much so that it stays on the surface. That tends to burn them off. The BP will stay kinda' white so I only do this at night. Hope it helps for you too. As for the lemon water, I'm not sure how it helps but you are supposed to put 1 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon in each 8oz glass. If you drink 8 glasse
  6. Day 6 Thanks Maral for the encouragement! I need to look up that post to see how to do the ice BP. I decided to stick to the regimen (except for the ice BP), but yesterday morning I did not put the BP on my face, I used vinegar and moisturizer. But I started thinking and I need to give this regimen a fair chance, at least 3 months. After that, I can make adjustments/changes if need be. OK here's the scoop on my face: I am still pink, and I am peeling all around my mouth. I can tell that
  7. found it...... http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=9920
  8. Well I am sorry but I couldn't find it. I will try again when I have more time. You may find it helpful to do a search on the word "cyst" and read some of the posts. Best of luck, Tam
  9. I'm not sure exactly where, but I read something like that on one of the boards. They said it was a cyst type zit and explained it almost just like you did. That they had two smaller ones that went away, came back and then joined as one.....something like that. Anyway I will try and go find the posts for you so that you can read it. Look for another post from me and I'll give you the link.
  10. Day 4----Help My face is pretty pink and even more sensative, as in burns. My face also feels really tight. I wonder if I should skip a night or just put less on or just stop. I think my face is getting better but I don't know. It's hard to tell because it is so pink/red. Did this happen to anyone else? Im so confused :-k . Help me........anyone.......please. Also, I tried to send a PM to Maya through the website and the message is still in my outbox. Is there a send button somewhere.
  11. Way to GO! Much LOVE and PRAYERS for Marlee!!!!!
  12. My skin is the same way.....any SA product tends to break me out worse.
  13. Thanks so much for posting. I went to the site briefly but I wasn't sure where to look for the nutritional info. I was on the site for less then a minute and my son needed me, lol. I often wonder if food is or is not related to acne. I think it may vary from person to person. But what you said actualy makes a lot of sense in my case. I try and diet alot, and I eat low fat-high carbs. I can't do the adkins (sp) high fat/protien-low carb. So if there is a connection with acne and carbs I would
  14. Way to go Tam.....I'm a Tam too, lol. Today is Day 4 for me, so you are a few days ahead of me. It's so nice to read such a happy post with such good news. I too have some discoloration from past break outs, and from my pregnancies too I'm sure. I really want to try the vinegar toner but I am going to wait for a couple of weeks. So far the regimen seems to be working really good and I don't want to take a chance and mess it up, hehe. Plus I am really anxious to see what happens when I start P
  15. I'm following ya' Jim. I like to read all the results and different ideas. Sounds like your skin is doing great, I hope it continues! It also sounds like the SA is helping you. My skin doesn't do good at all with the SA, it tends to worsen my acne, like the very next morning. But we all have different skin types. Well keep up the good work and keep us updated!