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  1. My husband has some acne, but no scarring. I have some acne and mild/moderate scarring. His skin doesn't bother me at all; mine bothers me. Physical attraction is important in a relationship, but so is personality and the connection you have with someone. I don't think acne alone can ruin physical attraction, if the person is already attracted to the rest of you... face, features, body, hair, eyes, etc.... and acne definitely cannot ruin attraction to personality. I will be praying
  2. Oh, I don't know... I think it's very possible to miss what you've never had. I'm sorry it's so hard for you though I'm hoping your skin clears up soon and stays that way!
  3. My skin bothers me a LOT more than it bothers my husband. So I don't really care if he sees me without makeup or anything... I just hate going out in public without makeup or without being all dressed up. It's the outer world of society that you have to "impress".... not the ones who love you already. Although you do have a point with wanting to avoid the opposite sex, and the dating world being very frustrating... I hated being "single and looking" because I always felt like I was on disp
  4. What planet is everyone living on where all attractive people are doomed to suffer some horrifying comeuppance after high school? Oh!!! All the pretty girls end up fat factory workers with abusive husbands and drug problems! No. Most of them are still going to be happier and more successful than you. That's the way the world works. Both those worlds are warped. Some end up screwed up and some live happy lives.... just like everyone else. Agreed. And, while there are exceptions, th
  5. I have the L'Oreal Microdermabrasion Kit... I like it.... it seems to give at least minimal improvement for a few days after I use it. And, you do apply it with your fingers, not that silly brush
  6. Anyone tried it? If so, how did it work? Candra
  7. No, no, and no to all of those. You're a nice looking guy. No, I wouldn't be your boyfriend, because I'm married Sure, you can have a girlfriend or wife someday. Figure out exactly what you want in a girl, and then look for her. I also recommend learning more about yourself and your personality... what kind of people you connect with best and why.
  8. Some scars can take up to a few years to fade. Others unfortunately are permanent unless treated.
  9. Same here... I hate it! Hahaha, that'd rock!
  10. Mine was never cystic acne, but I scarred. Alas...
  11. Makes sense... looks like real tanning is out of the question. I do await hearing from someone who has tried Mystic spray on tan though. Thank you all for your replies so far
  12. My husband constantly tells me I am the most beautiful ever to him.... he sees me without makeup all the time, and it doesn't bother me. Of course, I think he is a little crazy but I love him anyway! That, and I am just too lazy to think about doing makeup when I am at home all day. Makeup is reserved for going out in public
  13. CoverGirl Continuous Wear has some good pale shades.
  14. Definitely an introvert... definitely not at all shy. Anyone familiar with the myers briggs type indicator? I'm also INTJ, which is the rarest type statistically for females... so along with the acne, that's made it really fun relating to people