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  1. No I have been looking at it for the past few hours and came on here to see if anyone has tried it. I like that there isn't any preservatives in it the Purifying cleanser sounds good with jojoba leaf and green tea I may be taking the plunge soon.
  2. My derm prescribed it for me as soon as i finish it up I'm telling her to switch me bzck to doxycycline. Oracea is doing nothing for me and it is $75 a month to fill so forget it I liked the results from doxy better this oracea isn't working for me.
  3. You can call derm office and have them call in a prescription for you before your office visit
  4. I came across the marvel mini while looking for a product for my wrinkles. It delivers blue light therapy killing bacterai and clearing up acne. Has anyone used this product? I dont' see too many reviews on it except for 3 on spalook.com they also make red for wrinkles and fine lines and green for hyperpigmentation and age spots.
  5. My husband was in a car wreck and is disabled and yeah I still get depressed about my ugly face with zits all over it it's normal, he is also borderline for MS, they told him they can run all the tests but that doesn't mean anything until there are more signs of the illness present. He has white spots on his brain and a dam lot of them so it could be MS the doc told him but who knows, he also suffers from other things like post traumatic syndrome, sever depression, epilepsy all due to his car a
  6. Your new derm may ask if you breakout at certain times during the month, make sure they look up close at your skin. This one derm i went to would walk in the room and stand at the sink and not even close enough to evaulate my skin properly!
  7. I agree use the aloe vera gel it will help the redness.
  8. soak a tea bag in warm water and apply to your face and leave that teabag on for 10 minutes followed by icing the cyst for 10 mins do this back and forth thru out the day it will help to reduce the size but only temporarily, the best advice would be to get a shot into the cyst to get rid of it.
  9. I finally went for the shot, I like this derm she didn't hurt me with the needle she used a needle they usually use for botox injections it was paper thin and didn't even pinch me. Also she has been the only derm to tell me that by giving me this shot there is a chance I could have a scar or rippling of my skin. No derm ever told me that ever!! Of course that isn't happening because I have been putting exfol serum and green cream on it ever day and it's almost gone now it's been 4 days now si
  10. I wouldn't recommend using evoo from the bottle Here is what DHC says about olive oil Welcome to DHC Company history Olive oil—DHC's inspiration Retail locations Join the DHC team Benefits DHC's special olive oil has myriad skin benefits. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, our virgin olive oil is a highly effective component in neutralizing the free radicals that damage healthy skin. Olive oil also helps your skin regulate its natural moisturiz
  11. My derm took me off my oral med and lucky me I got a cyst on my chin along with my period!!!! Stupid derm better put me back on my meds tomorrow when I see her and give my cyst a shot. I've been soaking a teabag in warm water and then applying it to my cyst it helps but of course isn't fast enough for me the shot works so much faster.
  12. I was prescribed that but I don't think it helps me much instead I use the proactive refining mask and dab it on my zits and let it sit overnite on them and in the morning they are much smaller.
  13. I use DHC products and I'm in love with them my face feels smooth and my makeup glides right on and stays put. I have always had oily skin, the olive oil has really helped my oil problem
  14. I use olive oil to remove my makeup and dirt from my face before washing it has been amazing on my skin and keeping my pores clear