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  1. I was on Yasmin. I think birth control has different effects on everyone, though.
  2. I never have broken out badly before my period in the past but for pretty much the past year, I break out HORRIBLY all week the week before it starts, as well as throughout my period. my skin is relatively clear aside from that-- but during this time I get cysts ALL over my chin, and just random pimples and breakouts everywere. it takes over a week just to heal up and it's so frustrating. my question is, what can I do to prevent this?? I've tried birth control but it made me break out in a weird
  3. Hey, I thought I'd post this because I know that a lot of people on here ask about others' results on birth control before they take it themselves. I was prescribed Yasmin and at that point my acne was pretty moderate. I started Yasmin around the same time (or a little bit after) I started using the regimen, and together, they cleared up my skin really well. Over the first couple of months, my skin was much better than it had been before, and Yasmin seemed to stop all of my breakouts around my c
  4. yeah, sometimes a tiny bit of shimmer is supposed to reflect light away from imperfections, but even so, i prefer matte blush! i have one by sephora that i absolutely love, and it was only like $8 or something.
  5. im on week two of yasmin, it could be all in my mind but my skin has seemed better. my boobs seem bigger too but that could be all in my mind too! haha, umm i know that yasmin doesnt cause water retention so you dont have to worry about weight gain either. i would suggest it, i haven't really gotten any side effects from it either (mood swings etc)
  6. i get that too, around my mouth and lower cheeks/neck! weird because i dont even put bp there. i just bought a really gentle facial exfoliation sponge from cvs and that seems to help a little, i dont know though.
  7. hey everyone, i have found that a powder, natural-looking blush can really distract from acne. i have very fair skin and i use a pink/peachy looking blush. i apply base, then concealer where needed, then i use a big brush to put on translucent loose powder. then on the apples of my cheeks i use the blush. if you have acne on your cheeks, or anywhere for that matter, it really distracts from that flat, mask like, unnatural look that layers of makeup can often give. it also gives the illusion of s
  8. i remember reading on this website from dan that your skin never becomes immune to benzoyl peroxide, and that if it works once it will always work. however, i was on benzaclin for a VERY long time and it worked wonderfully for awhile, and then would just stop working completely. i would try a bunch of other medications and then go back on the benzaclin a few months later, and it would clear up my skin amazingly again... then a few months later it would stop working again! if this is true about s
  9. hey brandy! i'm not really having any trouble with the regimen; it has made my skin a LOT clearer but i still usually have a breakout or two going on. i use purpose wash, dan's bp gel, and neutrogena oil-free moisture. i wash my face with the purpose very quickly, add on a full finger full of the bp after my face is dry, and i slather on a TON of the moisturizer at night (i really need it) and a little bit during the day. i just really like this toner that i have, and i remember before i was o
  10. i was just wondering if anyone has tried adding in a toner to the regimen (probably after washing your face?). i've got a toner that i really like, it's non-drying and it's witch hazel and rose water. it's actually supposed to be a moisturizing toner and i love it. but i read somewhere that toner makes your pores tighter so putting it on before the bp would make it absorb less. is this true? any suggestions?
  11. i did some research about this online because when i first started birth control i was taking minocycline. a lot of things on the internet said that some antibiotics can interfere with the absorption of the birth control, making it less likely to stop pregnancy and all of that. but i told my doctor i was taking minocycline (which is a form of tetracycline) and she told me that a lot of people THINK that they interfere with each other but it's not true. i don't know though, since then i've stoppe
  12. i'm on week two of yasmin (i'm taking it and doing the regimen twice a day as well) and i have noticed an improvement. i can't say it's ALL because of yasmin, since i'm using the regimen as well, but i feel as though i get lesser breakouts along my cheeks and jawline. i'm not sure how long it's supposed to take before you see an effect, but my gynecologist (the one who prescribed me yasmin) told me that you see the most improvement within the first three months. i know been13years has had an awf
  13. I thought about using the mineral makeup but it is really exspensive and im worried it won't give me a really good coverage. Anyone have any pics with and without the mineral makeup to give me some sort of an idea? Thanks. Almost all the mineral sites will send you samples for cheap. The samples last a long time and the coverage is amazing. I'm getting ready to try Pure Luxe, which I've heard is very nice. Doesn't hurt to try them. i looked for samples on certain mineral makeup si
  14. thanks beentheredonethat, youve definitely inspired me to just stick with it for awhile.
  15. thanks, i will consider it! my doctor actually put me on this specifically for my face, but i think i will continue taking it for now and the first sign that i see a breakout that seems to be coming from yasmin i'll stop taking it. thank you for the advice, though. did ortho tri cyclen clear you up?