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  1. Are you using the acne.org benzoyl peroxide? And do the patches itch slightly?
  2. Hi. I had this problem too. I'm wondering if your skin has cleared up yet and if ya'll are still using the acne.org products. It still baffles me what causes it, but I found a solution, its expensive and makes the regimine more annoying to do, have either of you found something to keep clear without rashes?
  3. Hi there. Your problem sounds very similar to an issue I had a year ago, except mine started a year and half after consistent use and clear skin on the regimen. I also started to develop itchy, red, flaky skin in patches around my eyes and mouth. Mine was definitely not due to my skin adjusting to the treatment. So, I know this thread is a little old, can you give us an update on how your skin is doing now? And when you're off the bp and say you're cleansing and moisturizing as usual, are you us