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  1. hello! This doesnt have anything to do with acne but i thought id give it a shot. I have had really bad undereye circles ever since i was a little kid (im 19) and i have tried a million creams that dont work obviously haha. I am wondering if there was a laser out there to fix this? thanks.
  2. History- Went on diane 35 gave me TERRIBLE red marks. Acne continued...not severe but persistent...finally went on accutrane for 7 months and now my acne is virtually gone. After Diane 35 and for several months there were more red marks on my face then regular coloured skin. Accutane also gave me some new redmarks. So I have been using the "new skin scar therapy" on my skin for about 2 months. It gave me some improvement (my active acne would not leave red marks anymore using this gel), an
  3. it wont help your acne but believing that it could go away and keeping positive will improve things such as your mood and outlook on life....if only believing in something would fix it! lol "i wish i lost 10 pounds i wish i lost 10 pounds i wish i lost 10 pounds" aweeeeeeeee shit didnt work.
  4. hey guys. well. the advice about writting the letter is very good! however...i basically gave him a carbon copy email of the post that i put on acne.org. lol. i think i will just kinda run my own life from now on...not worry about him.
  5. i think that i will wait it out a bit longer...if nothing changes i guess i will just need to move on
  6. what do you mean do not post this twice? Did i accidently make another thread with the same thing? Well...i have been thinking about it. And i dont think its up to me to try to "win him back"...i have done nothing wrong..he needs to win ME back. I think that it is his turn to make the effort. I just hope that he does. Because I am SOOOO emotionally exhausted I cannot even think straight. I think I am done trying so hard until he shows that he is making an effort as well. I will see how
  7. i would do accutane if the acne is really bad and then do the peels afterwards. however before my acne was really bad i did the peels and it stopped the breakouts. i later went on accutane when teh acne worsened. i guess it depends how severe it is.
  8. thats good it means that its working. So, solution, go to the store buy "new skin scar therapy" for about 8 dollars. Every morning after putting mama lotion on the night before take the new skin scar therapy gel and put it on your face. Then simply rub the dead/pealing skin off. It will come off very easily with this gel. Then shower/wash your face. IT REALLY WORKS. I do this with mama lotion and my skin is GLOWING. good luck.
  9. lol if only that would work...hed be more interested in his laptop. ummm hes been like this for about a month. but it has happened before. and then as soon as he thinks hes losing me he starts paying attention to me a bit more. but i dont understand why it has to get ot the point of losing me for him to show a little bit of interest in me again...
  10. but i cant just end it...i love him. i know he loves me too he just...doesnt show it always lol. does anybody know how i could just get him to care about me again? do you guys think that the way hes acting just means hes not that into me anymore and i should just give it up? i dont know im just so sad and confused about the whole thing.
  11. Yea i think i will do that. but how can i just make him...work less and not be so money driven all the time?...and make him care about us? I guess i cant really change him. argh. i totally see what your saying..its just...after 3 years...he says he loves me..so wouldnt he want to spend time with me just because he likes to?...without it becoming a chase? lol.
  12. wel i mean its not like this all the time. Its like it goes in spurts...he will totally ignore me and work constantly for a few months...and then he will go back to being an actual boyfriend...and then a couple months later he goes back to the workaholic. I dont really get it.
  13. Hey guys..i know this board isnt for relationship advice. But I have been on acne.org for years and would just really like your advice on this. Thanks My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. He has been wonderful for most of the relationship. We would always go to movies, go on walks, have good talks, and just pay attention to each other and what the other one wanted. However, eventually this started to change. Example #1 We do "hang out" a lot, but we never do anything other then