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  1. I sorry, I should have been more specific. Have any of you used anti-allergy meds for acne and has it worked? Which brand have you used to treat your acne?
  2. How has using ACV affected you all? Has it worked, done nothing, slightly improved, worsened?
  3. This stuff tastes like butt! How do you mix it? Do you use water, or mix it in something else?
  4. Which brand do you use, and does it work for you? I want to try this regimen, so please help me out!!
  5. For all those who use anti-histamines, I have a couple questions: 1 - what brand do you use? I purchased the generic pills that are only anti-histamine (equivalent of benadryl). Other allergy medications contain other active ingredients other than plain old anti-histamines. 2 - how long have you been on it? 3 - has it worked for you?
  6. Which brand of anti alergy tablets do you buy? I would love to try this out. THanks! ANd do you know if this is safe for long-term use?
  7. Where do buy ACV, im guessing at the grocery store? And how much do you dilute it in water? Thanks!
  8. I've read the long post about men's cosmetics, but im trying to find out which ones are non-comedonic, and it seems that none of the websites listed say anything about oil-free or non-comedonic...can any1 help me out? thanks