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  1. I don't use it. But I think going off of it for a while or maybe forever is a good idea; if you can't deal with the side effects that is. Maybe there is an alternative to this prescription that you could obtain? Consult your local dermatologist...
  2. Well you see Rosacea isn't just redness. So actually posting pictures of a red face don't help at that much, as it's much more than that. Rosacea is the inflammatory process that further leads to redness (aka breaking of the blood vessels because of the inflammation). You know you have Rosacea is you often endure painful and violent uncomfortable flushing episodes. These feel like a pain in the common Rosacea spots (such as the nose, checks etc.) Or sometimes a burning or violent tingling sens
  3. Rosacea isn't facial redness in general. And no that doesn't look like Rosacea it looks like irritated skin caused by Acne Vulgaris.
  4. If you continue to flush the simple answer is... yes you will develop NEW broken blood vessels because of the inflammation on your skin. The old ones will go away though. IPL is an indefinite process until you can somehow stop the flushing effects of Rosacea.
  5. Hey bro how's it goin? Let me guess... you're a younger dude who is all like "man I need to look perfect for the ladies and so I can love my complexion in the mirror and look like a model or something". Yep, I've been there too, yay! But being a long time researcher of Rosacea and other facial redness related skin diseases I can tell you right up front, you don't have Rosacea or any other visible skin disease. You might want to do a little studying of your own to find out what people of this
  6. It might help, but you have to wait 6 or more months post Accutane to do a course.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosacea
  8. I want to see your pictures first.
  9. Nope it's not... she's so pretty though!

  10. Is your name Megan Fox? :P

  11. Just try to keep the little acne under control. The redness and bumps will pass in time. Are you still seeing a Derm? I'd try to get some suggestions from them to see what the next best step is. Good Luck!