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  1. ive been off tetra for a couple of days, gonna refill today, it might be my imagination but my face is looking a little clearer, maybe the regimine is helping
  2. make sure to use a non-oil moisturizer
  3. after a couple of weeks, i had a little break out, but since ive been on the clear skin regimine its been clearing up a little....i think the tetra was helping my back and chest acne (not that bad)
  4. Day 30 - whiteheads and redness reduced a little, be on the Dan's Clear Skin Regimine for about 3 days..
  5. my face is doing the same thing, hopefully its working
  6. day 28 - lots of whiteheads and redness....it sucks!! face is somewhat dry..
  7. thats why i have a sidekick2, i can use the interweb anywhere!! mUAHAH
  8. i take mine at 6:30 in the morning! i take one pill a day..
  9. well i thought i was on week 2, but im actually on week 3..... Day 25 -- started regimine, face looks a little better, still developing white heads around cheek/chin area, red spots still present..
  10. ill post my progress.... the regimne is on the homepage..
  11. have quit drinking soda/pop/cola whatever else u call it....
  12. im just using the pill, but imma start the regimine soon....just found this site
  13. yea my face is doing this right now...ive been on the medication as long as u have...