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  1. hi i have the wrinkling when i laugh now from using bp....it just showed up overnight. So did your wrinkling when u smile go away?? I'm really worried because i didnt have these creases under my eyes when i smile last week. how long did it take for the wrinkling when you smile to go away??
  2. Hi beautiful day, I read some of your earlier posts about wrinkling under the eyes caused by using the bp regimen. I was wondering if the under eye wrinkling went away and if it did what did you use to make it go away and how long did it take for the undereye wrinkles to go away? Mine just appeared and Im wondering how to make these go away...please help! thanks a bunch:)
  3. I am so glad I came across your post, I had no idea that dr. hendrix did tca cross, i flew to new york to get this procedure done, i feel stupid now knowing someone in my area does this. I just made an appt w/ him. thanks for posting your information
  4. has anyone tried a 20% salicylic acid peel? if so was it effective in treating the overall texture of the skin? is there a great deal of peeling from this peel?
  5. i tried hyaluronic acid supplements, called hydraplenish, i wished i had never taken those. i would stay away from that type. for some reason it made my pores visible, which werent visible before, which is very irritating. After taking a one months supply, it caused hard white fibrous stringy looking (dont know what its called) things to come out of my skin, which opened up my pores, now they seem to be in a perpetual open state. im sure others might have gotten a positive response, but as from
  6. I have tanned skin, im indian and i've had 90%tca cross 3 times. i also had fraxel which didnt do anything for my ice pick scarring, but the tca is working great, alot of the picks are closing up. and it doesnt affect my skin, the redness in the treated areas last a few days, but the scabs last about 7 days. After the scabs come off there is no discoloration in my skin at all, it looks normal.
  7. femina_mala_est where did you buy your tca?
  8. Femina_Mala_Est- I was wondering where you bought your TCA to do cross? thanks for your help!
  9. Reilly, do you have any new pics of your left side of your face, i wanted to see what kind of improvement you've gotten from the pics that you posted on the old logs, because the cross you documented a while ago was for the left side of your face if im not mistaken. Thanks for your help!
  10. Has anyone ordered 100% TCA for cross from mytcapeel.com with any success? I'm considering to start doing my own cross and wanted feedback as to whether this is a reliable product, and whether it is really %100%. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Reilly, fraxel laser is a good treatment for hypopigmented skin. I received erbium laser resurfasing for my scars in jan 2005(i have tanned ethnic skin). It left a triangle sized white area on my cheeks in the shape of the top half of an iron. ERbium didnt do anything for my acne scars, but i ventured to fraxel laser, had 5 treatments, this didnt do much for my scars maybe a 30%improvement, BUT thankfully it restored my pigment to i would say around 95%!!!
  12. Is The $400 dollar fee just for the first time, and then is it $200 each time there after?
  13. no he did not pay me to write this lol i dont live in new york, so i have to buy plane tickets to go there, so if it wasnt an effective treatment for me there is no way that i'd keep going back to him. he charges 275. I guess everyones skin responds differently to tca cross. I also went to rappaort, which we all know u wait for hours, and he charges u prices outta this world. With him nothing frosted after cross, and i saw no improvement, so i never went back to him, also rappaport tried to pus
  14. I've had 3 cross treatments with dr. frank and i think they've gone really well so far i've seen atleast 40%improvement. Most of the areas he crossed frosts every time, maybe out of the 25 scars he crosses one wont scab but i still see improvement in those scars! The scabs usually last almost 2 weeks. A couple of my scars have actually closed up completely. I will continue to do cross with him and hopefully will continue to see results.
  15. if you have cross done professionally a doctor can do them even if they are close together. I have a few that are very, very close and my doctor successfully crosses them. I'm on my 3rd cross and have seen maybe 40% improvement so far, I will prob do another 3 sessions. My doctor presses hard into the scarred area, it stings a little. usu 3 or 4 weeks between treatment time.