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  1. In general my face looks heaps better as soon as I wake up.. I dunno really, i think maybe its got to do with the fact that we haven't perspired and been involved in any activity... so theres less blood flow to our face making the redness less apparent. Maybe also its due to the fact that our body repairs overnight, but once we go outside and everything, we are exposed to pollutants, sunlight etc. which may make our skin look worse. I stress "may".
  2. Well it was the answer, for me, anyway. Some of you might remember me from a while back in the `ORG , but I haven't been here in many months, simply because I have taken my acne under control. I stopped using acne products about 10 months ago, and will never touch one AGAIN. My acne situation has now pretty much cleared up.. and I had moderate acne. I only get the odd pimple/breakout now and then, like any ordinary teen... nothing like before. I only wash my face with warm water. No creams, no l
  3. I stopped using acne products about 10 months ago, and will never touch one AGAIN. My acne situation has now pretty much cleared up.. and i had moderate acne. I only get the odd pimple/breakout now and then, like any ordinary teen... nothing like before. I only wash my face with warm water. I have been lazy lately and not exfoliating. The only thing I have to work on is some red marks, which is not too big of an issue. I really do advise for you guys to try this regime and stop with your acne p
  4. 1. What is your current age/grade? 16, almost 17 - Year 12 2. What kind of student are you? Pretty good 3. What is your fav. class? Maybe Biology or Chem 4. Which subject do you hate? English 5. Which is your best subject? Probly Biology, Maths. 6. What after school activities are you involved in? Tennis 7. What is your biggest accomplishment so far? I was the only primary school student in the state awarded the student excellence award back in 2000. 8. What classes are you currently enrolled
  5. I have a big breakfast.... two toasted ham&cheese sandwiches and a big glass of OJ.
  6. I avoid milk altogether... it breaks me out. Since I've taken milk out of my diet, my acne has improved dramatically... now basically I have to get rid of my red marks.. I have minimal breakouts.
  7. Bump! I hope many more people are discovering this.... it helped me so much! After several months of NO acne products... my skin has recovered.. my acne is under control.. i get only little breakouts now and then, nothing major. Seriously, try it!
  8. Ah I have the biggest sweet tooth! Always reaching for those chocolates or cake or any other sweet delectables. I find they have little effect upon my acne now... not like they used to.
  9. I've got the same issue to deal with... I'll probably get a mini green peel done which will deeply exfoliate.. which will encourage healthy tissue regrowth etc.
  10. Hmm, i guess it really depends on the person. See I have some junkfood now and then.. but I don't really breakout from it. The main food that breaks me out is milk.. in its pure form.. not in the form of ice cream or anything... just in its normal form. Other than that.. food doesn't really affect my skin... after several months of observation.. I came to a conclusion that chemicals killed my skin and gave me acne... once I got off the chemicals... after some time, my acne went away (well most
  11. I've stopped using BP for months.. and I've never looked back. My skin is now looking better than when I was using BP. Chemicals kill your skin!
  12. I would recommend either baby brush or microdermabrasion cloth. And dont use any chemicals.. just warm water to promote circulation and sloughing of dead skin cells.
  13. This works! I'm 95% clear now! H20 is the miracle cure. I stopped using acne products about 3 months ago (at least)... and now my face is looking better than it has ever been since my very early mild acne days. Right now I do not have ONE single active pimple on my face.. but very occassionaly i get a blemish or two.. like every average teenager does. For the last couple of years (before I stopped acne products).. my face was degrading.. my skin was looking dull and unhealthy... my breakou
  14. Hey people, I haven't been on these forums in a couple of months, simply because, I've found (for my self at least) the answer to my acne. I simply don't use ANY acne products anymore... not even cleansers.. NOTHING...ZILCH. All I do is wash my face with water. I realised that over the 3 or 4 years that I've been using Acne products, my skin has been deteriorating, and then came to the conclusion that the chemicals in acne products were literally killing my skin. Particularly benzoyl pero
  15. Muccoid Plaque is a scam. It actually doesn't exist. This came up several months ago on the Holistic health forum. Basically, we watched several colonoscopies (gross, i know) and we did not see any 'muccoid plaque' all there was, was healthy, pink tissue. It is believed that the "muccoid plaque" that you are seeing is infact the ingredients of the colon cleansers (eg bentonite clay etc). Don't quote me on this, but this is what myself and others concluded several months ago, here. However
  16. Well, with me, currently I am not doing anything AT ALL for my face. Just splashing it with water now and then. I haven't even been taking my supplements lately and have been binging on lots of junk food. However, surprisingly, my face hasn't flared up like I expected it might by going off supplements and eating junk again. You couldn't really say my face is very clear, however it is much better than when I was using acne products. My red marks are fading, and I get very short-lived pimples
  17. Yep, it works for me, totally. My acne breakouts are minimal now, after about a month or more of only washing with warm water. Acne products sucked the life out of my skin, particularly BP. Now, my face isn't even oily much at all. It was MUCH oilier when I was using acne products. My red marks are healing nicely. However in a few weeks I wanna go to a facial place and get a mini green peel done (which is basically deep deep exofliation using the "Green peel" herbs - they're actual plants they
  18. Oh, and another thing.. my oil has gone down dramatically. my face doesn't even feel oily at allll anymore. woooooot
  19. Hmm, yeah i get the same thing as the original poster. It happens usually when I use hot water to wash face. Do you use hot water? What's the approx temp of the water u use (ie. cold/hot/warm) ?
  20. I would do it in the night before bed, as then your face has time to repair during sleep. And also, when you exfoliate you remove some or most of the strateus corneum (upper most layer of dead skin cells) , you wouldn't want your face exposed to the sun or anything in the daytime. So your best bet is at night before bed.
  21. I don't even use topicals anymore, and my skin has been looking better than it has in many many months. It's still in the repairing stage, reviving from all those acne products that I killed my skin with. Benzoyl peroxide was the worst offender I reckon. Seriously, since I've been off acne products COMPLETLEY (just using warm water and microdermabrasion cloth to wash face) , my face has been looking pretty good. My red marks have really gone down, and my active acne also. I haven't been cons
  22. I'm not sure exactly the reason why I break out from milk (particularly ICE CREAM), but i just do. If I have an ice cream, 3 or 4 little whiteheads will pop up later in the day.. at least 8-10 hours afterwards.