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  1. The super white lights--the ones common at WALMART, BestBuy, and Office Depot--are the worse! I totally understand what you mean! My make-up looks natural under yellow lighting, but under white lighting my face would look blotchy and my red marks would furiously glare under my makeup. Heck, it would look like I did a bad make-up job on my face 'cause my liquid concealer would look all powdery!
  2. It really depends on the job position. If you are going for a job where you constantly need to meet people face-to-face, then the employer may give higher consideration to someone who doesn't suffer like we do -_-.
  3. , discard your old lifestyle, fellowship with others, and most importantly, spread the word to other non believers so that they will stop/not resort to MTV-style living. BTW, I just watched MTV recently and the constant beeping was unbearable, ahaha... So yah, I encourage you to sit down with your Christian friend. If you still have any questions, just hit me up.

    1. He's putting you through tribulations so that you'll see that without Him, you're in deep waters. You gotta repent your sins, acknowledge that Jesus died for our sins, and try to live a Biblical lifestyle. Like, you can say you believe in God, but God wants you to do more than just believe. You gotta strengthen your relationship with him first,

      1. looking young when everyone else looked old, but I HATE it when people think I'm still in middle school! I cleaned out my wardrobe from teen clothing and I'm changing my fashion sense just so I'll look my age. Plus, with acne I look even more young!...Why is God "harsh" on you? Haha, the all-time question.

        1. Haha wth, I just realized my last comment was cut off at the end. I don't even remember if I included anything important after that cut-off :/. I don't look my age at all, which is a good in the long-run but presently, I want to look older. People think I look 14! Yah, I'll love

          1. but it isn't harmful if its context is straight from the Bible. When referring to faith, I can't consider having one as an indoctrination because I was a former cynic who questioned the whole thing non-stop. The Bible does tell us to accept certain things without being critical, but that's nifty 'cause that way people will stay united. We don't want divisions within the chur

            1. Thanks. I don't feel 18. And what's funny is that I didn't even get to visit the campus while I was in DC (just got back Sunday night)... Psychological? Nah, I'm a Christian because I am grateful for all that my Lord has given me despite everything, and that is something that has been proven to be without the shadow of a doubt. Yes, Christianity can be an indoctrination, but it

              1. Oooo, a song we can relate to! It's hilarious when he starts gibberishing.
              2. AHHHH finally all this crap is over!!!! However I still have HW assigned over winter break. Yes, I'm going to visit a campus just to see if it was worth considering in the first place. And I have this condition where if haven't exercised in forever, I feel heavier in certain areas. But I think it's just psychological.

                1. Hahaha...if only that were the case. After all this hw is turned in, I still need to plan my bday party and then head to DC to visit a college I won't even apply to T_T. And lose weight (all this hw is causing me to be on my butt all day)

                  1. For someone like you, of course you'd be beast in science. I aced the reading, writing, and math portion but BSed the chemistry questions. There were questions on there that require memorizing the periodic table! How would I have known that? I practically forgot everything in chemistry except balancing equations. No one informed me of knowing the symbols of certain uncommon chemicals.

                    1. Are you asking about an MSN profile or MSN messenger for IM? 'Cause I only have the IM... UGH, dude, my hw load has increased to a point where I'm breaking out like crazy! Plus I took my exams today and I know I bombed the science portion (forgot EVERYTHING in chemistry).

                      1. Volleyball, SOccer, Basketball, Badminton. I'm horrible at any sports that involve throwing long-range, like football... Yep, it's Italian. Their pistachio ice cream is the best... My facebook is so blank 'cause I never go on it (no time). I have a myspace and msn tho.

                        1. Yah, I like storytelling, video editing, and impersonating people. I want to move to Canada after college, but as of college education, I'm stuck in the US...

                          Education used to be my #1 priority when I was in deep waters, but then I went through a realignment and now I have a larger commitment to my friends and leisure. Stressing on schoolwork just gave me more acne T_T.

                          Sports -

                          1. I don't believe in premarital sex. I strongly advise against it because logically, it messes with emotions and that in itself is a fail. I actually think homosexual guys are FUN to hang with 'cause they seem to understand girls more. Heck, the only animes I've been watching lately are BL! AHAHAH! I got tired of watching straight stuff. However, I don't support cross-d

                            1. Of course. If men were angels, we would not need government. However, government systems are so flawed that would say government is bringing us down more than religion. 'Cause it breeds greed in all forms. Denmark, in my opinion, has the best economic system in teh world and it's 'cause their government has been integrated to help everyone, including the underdogs.

                              1. Oh, and the euro-side of me... guess. YOu might get it within 4 tries. The country has an excellent soccer team, I'll give you that hint.

                                1. possibly majoring in either cinematic arts or media. I wanted to apply at Tyndale there in Canada, but I don't even have money to check out the school so that's eliminated... Science is my worst subject, yet I'm decent at math. I thought I was good at science till I took physics T_T. I wanted toto pursue engineering but physics wrecked it.

                                  1. it's hindering me!... And I'd never party like MTV, haha. When I party, I play sports! That's my idea of fun with friends. I always make time to read the Bible. University...I am doing in-state to take advantage of cheaper tuition, but I want to transfer to an East Coast school eventually

                                    1. You call studying endlessly and working on assignments "beautiful"??! Even if it's repetitive? I hate turning down hang-outs from friends because of excessive hw. At school, I hardly see them because of different classes/clubs/go to a different school, so I'm trying to make memories with them before we diverge to our universities of choice. With all this hw in the way, it

                                      1. he'd probably be driven to step on others, stretch the truth, etc. I mean, yes, in business stepping on the weaker links in order to advance in position is inevitable, but I guess that doesn't sit well with your friend. 'Cause he's dealing with people's MONEY. That's friggin' scary to deal with considering whose money that could belong to.

                                        1. Well, I guess my thinking is "flawed", 'cause I can see why your friend quit. I mean, premarital sex is advised against, along with gambling, and to be honest, you don't even need religion to back that up. Those things are destructive to human nature. In that line of work you're more vulnerable to greed (ex. Ponzi Scheme; Madoff Scandal) If his job entails lots of risks, he&

                                          1. Thanks for adding me as a friend.

                                            1. club activities/volunteer events I need to attend b/c I am a crazy asian, and I need to study for an entrance exam test (haven't even started and the test is in 1.5 weeks!) We just finished reading Hamlet today, but now we have a new novel assigned and I have to read this before my b-day too. Life is so MUNDANE.