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    I'm a miscellaneous individual who has lived on 3 continents and absolutely dislikes acne. I love music, the arts, and science because of their endless possibilites. I like thinking vast, because thinking in an enclosed space really suffocates my brain cells. I love volleyball and rollar-blading as much as playing the piano. I'm a strong Christian. I believe in God and forever will, cuz I want to spend the afterlife in Heaven for eternity. Life may be hell on Earth, but if you believe, you'll spend the rest of your life in Heaven.

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  1. The super white lights--the ones common at WALMART, BestBuy, and Office Depot--are the worse! I totally understand what you mean! My make-up looks natural under yellow lighting, but under white lighting my face would look blotchy and my red marks would furiously glare under my makeup. Heck, it would look like I did a bad make-up job on my face 'cause my liquid concealer would look all powdery!
  2. It really depends on the job position. If you are going for a job where you constantly need to meet people face-to-face, then the employer may give higher consideration to someone who doesn't suffer like we do -_-.
  3. I don't think acne makes me look young, it makes me look older. <-- correction

  4. it makes me look older.

  5. Happy New Year Micki! Cute display picture.. what is it?

    Well, I'm about to begin school, I'll be extremely busy until end of

    April :(

    Why would God put us through all this trouble?

    and if that's true, then why are some atheists so happy

    and satisfied with their lives?

    Why did God create us in the first place?

    I don't think acne makes me look

  6. , discard your old lifestyle, fellowship with others, and most importantly, spread the word to other non believers so that they will stop/not resort to MTV-style living. BTW, I just watched MTV recently and the constant beeping was unbearable, ahaha... So yah, I encourage you to sit down with your Christian friend. If you still have any questions, just hit me up.

  7. He's putting you through tribulations so that you'll see that without Him, you're in deep waters. You gotta repent your sins, acknowledge that Jesus died for our sins, and try to live a Biblical lifestyle. Like, you can say you believe in God, but God wants you to do more than just believe. You gotta strengthen your relationship with him first,

  8. looking young when everyone else looked old, but I HATE it when people think I'm still in middle school! I cleaned out my wardrobe from teen clothing and I'm changing my fashion sense just so I'll look my age. Plus, with acne I look even more young!...Why is God "harsh" on you? Haha, the all-time question.

  9. Haha wth, I just realized my last comment was cut off at the end. I don't even remember if I included anything important after that cut-off :/. I don't look my age at all, which is a good in the long-run but presently, I want to look older. People think I look 14! Yah, I'll love

  10. a "true" christian :/

    Can't wait!

    I hope you are enjoying your Christmas break Micki,

    Cuz I'm trying my best to enjoy mine.

  11. No problem lol, what age do you feel?

    Aww I miss talking with you about religion, I was starting to think

    you're avoiding me.

    Oooh IC, hmm I'm beginning to understand more and more

    how Christianity works.

    Let me ask you this, why is God so harsh on me??

    I'm actually planning to sit down and discuss Christianity vs Realism with a friend.

    She's a

  12. but it isn't harmful if its context is straight from the Bible. When referring to faith, I can't consider having one as an indoctrination because I was a former cynic who questioned the whole thing non-stop. The Bible does tell us to accept certain things without being critical, but that's nifty 'cause that way people will stay united. We don't want divisions within the chur

  13. Thanks. I don't feel 18. And what's funny is that I didn't even get to visit the campus while I was in DC (just got back Sunday night)... Psychological? Nah, I'm a Christian because I am grateful for all that my Lord has given me despite everything, and that is something that has been proven to be without the shadow of a doubt. Yes, Christianity can be an indoctrination, but it

  14. Oooo, a song we can relate to! It's hilarious when he starts gibberishing.
  15. oh and Happy Birthday!