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  1. Just wanted to let those know who are interested that I got more for sale. Thank you everyone for trying it!
  2. I am very sorry to those that are unable to purchase a bar. Demand has been very high lately and I am having difficulty keeping up. I didn't expect so much praise so fast. Thanks for everyone's support! More soaps are currently flying on a airplane. Just email me [email protected] to reserve yours.
  3. I think it was green unripe papayas that have the strongest concentration of papain. You gotta pick them when they are still young.
  4. For sales questions, you can just PM me or email me. I will be listing them soon, but it will not start at 99 cents anymore. It will be sold for the usual $8. But please continue leaving comments on the product. I'm glad most of you guys are enjoying it.
  5. How is everyone doing with the Papaya Soap? I heard mostly good, but one bad. Just wanted to get more feedback before I order another batch from the distributor. And I would like to remind you guys(for those that are interested and didn't know) that my Papaya Soap is back on sale with no reserve and free shipping.
  6. You can't buy prescription drugs without a prescription from a doctor. Maybe in 10 or 20(I don't know) years, Accutane will be availabe over the counter. I think when their patent(or whatever expires) other companies can sell copies of Accutane under another name.
  7. I'm 100% asian and super white(but can tan), and I've used TCA Complex and Glycolic Acid with no problems. I didn't know having asian skins matter in scar treatment. Should I proceed with caution next time? :-s
  8. Hello, They are sold on eBay: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?View...sort=3&since=-1 Don't expect to see magical instantaneous results with just a soap. It is intended to exfoliate your skin like no other. Personally, I found other soaps to be more effective at controlling acne. If you have active acne, you should use it with caution, because the drying/peeling of your skin can affect it? If previous experiences with exfoliating has made your skin break out, then I don't think
  9. This stuff broke me out. I don't intend to finish up the bottle already. I think there are other products out that will improve scars...
  10. I am waiting for my next shipment to arrive. Meanwhile, I'm also in the middle of redesigning the webpage. Hopefully I will get to list them by next week. Thanks for your interest and sorry for the delay. Please hold on to my About Me page: http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/papayasoap/ My next auctions should look like that. Jordan
  11. I am only doing business on eBay. Currently, I'm in the process of redesigning my ebay auction webpages. What do you guys think? I will list a lot more for sale this weekend. With Buy It Now!!! Thanks for your patience! And thanks everyone for checking out my auctions. I'm sure you guys will love the soap! Sorry for the delay, I'm also a full time student with two OTHER jobs. I only get to do this when I get home late at night. Although I'm not making any money right now, I find it relaxin
  12. I think those are just therapy soaps. The wonderful smell is suppose to be relaxing, etc. Sorry, my soap does not smell anything like a sweet papaya. It has a strong scent to it, I can't put my finger to it and describe it......
  13. No, it did not sell for $40. haha. owells.......I dunno what to say.