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  1. 20% is simply not strong enough. You're expecting to see results 10 days into your first TCA CROSS in which you only used 20% TCA. Most people don't even see noticeable results after one 100% TCA CROSS. I suggest you do more research as it appears you haven't read up much on TCA CROSS and your expectations are very unrealistic. U r right,I'll do more cross. I always underestimate the power of acne scar, :|
  2. I 'm on the day 10 of my first TCA20% cross,every stage I did correctly(frostd and scabed,and falled naturally,and CP twice a day) but to be honest,There is no improvement so far,I'll wait and see what will happen. when I become sad for my face ,I always tell myself,dealing with acne scar is much easier then dealing with other figure disadvantage,like stature,overweight, people must have something to beat them down in their life. acne scar is not the worst option given by god.god have many
  3. Holy shit. Awwww it's Gowf!! Welcome back cutie, how have you been? Huuua, Nice to see you again! How r u ? I'm ok ,I think my facial scars get a little little better than last time I were here which was 2-3 month ago. I tried glycolic acid in very low %,going to rest my face for 1 week,and then do the TCA 12.5% peel. I hope every thing nice for you. ps: I recognized you by the totolo cat icon,hehe,your main icon always change,which is nice,I can remember your fist icon I've seen is
  4. Thanks for all the replys ,those answers are all very helpful. you are all the best guys
  5. Hello every body. I'll do a TCA 12.5% peel at home, but on the instruchions of it,It says "Apply Isopropyl alcohol to Defatt the skin",this is the step after clean the face and before apply TCA. I dunt know what is this for ,and how can I get the Isopropyl alcohol(I googled Isopropyl alcohol,but only thing I can find as Isopropyl alcohol is some spray can for electrical-device cleanser) I'm so confused.plz help me,I won't do the peel before I get clear of the Isopropyl alcohol. by the
  6. It was ok,now I'm useing 5% instead(same brand)
  7. 1.What country do you come from? -----China,now in uk 2.How are you feeling today/tonight? ------today is Chinese new year,called family just now,feel like no one can feel or want to feel what I'm thinking. 3.What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? ------look in mirro,feel sad,take pills 4.Do you spend alot of time in the mirror? -------since 2 years ago,when I know my face is so diff from others 5.Are you a virgin? --------no 7.Would you run around your block if it g
  8. Thanks for all you replys and encourage. You really makes me feel better. I just came back from my GP doctor, I was prepared a list of question,and she said she dunt know the answer and dunt want to even listen them all ,because that's not a privte docotr. she dunt have time to listen them all. so sad,come out and walk in the street. winter cold out side and inside my body. I think I should get use to this,as long as I dunt have that money to have a private doctor. Thank godness I got here a
  9. I had a wonderful childhood (thank godness),which I still cant get my self out. I was normal and happy,when I grown to 13,whole life changed,acne. I couldn't smile from heart,girls never looks at me, someone thought I was scarey,because they could know I hate this life through my eye .so everybody thought I was suffering from life,they thought I was dangerous. 9years later,It's now. I start to take pill 2 years ago. I had my girl friend 1 years ago.but I think she's had enough from me.not be
  10. yesterday, I looked in mirro for a long time,(background: I have acne for 10 years, lots scar now,unlike those new acne people who got a hope of skin back. I 'm scared ,pimpled). A friend called me .before that I was knowing the wall with my head. the begining of the phone call was allrite,but soon, I start to argue with him,and loudy and loudy. after that, I really thinked of suiside,but I''m not that brief. I just turned off lights and lie in bed, that man is my classmate, as a result,dun
  11. I'm looking in mirro and laugh for day and nite.cry a lot maybe, life is so hard with acne and scar. I dunt want to image the scar face free life,cos the acne is already eaten my soul, My normal life belongs to me will never be back. I'm trying, trying to looks forwards.
  12. I used to say home stick to the internet alone,but a weeks ago my internet connection is done, yesterday ,My computer is done, now nothing I can play with, I'm thinking go gym , there are always lots of peple suffering from life, take it easy and your life is not too bad at all
  13. I had a dream making love with 3 girls last nite, if you want a dream like that, safe your spirm and make your bed warm and warm(put a heater next to your bed). I'm not speaking rude here,just incase you want another type of dream. good luck
  14. En,I'll stop applying that,I found this article online "Vitamin E has a reputation for improving Skin Quality and many people regularly apply topical Vitamin E oil for this effect. Due to this popularity a recent study looked at Vitamin E's effectiveness for improving the appearence of surgical scars. Compared to an antibiotic ointment, Vitamin E oil was found to have no increased benefit in the final appearence of the scar. In fact, some people who used Vitamin E oil developed a contact dermati
  15. Really? I'm trying that ,I'll see the result later