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  1. i'm on my frist week of accutan, my derm perscribed me dosage of 20...is that too little? i don't feel any different, and am afraid that im wasting my money this month since its such a low dosage that there may be no effect....
  2. There's no way i can get laser hair removal on my upper arms while on accutane right?
  3. my doc said that if u squeezed a cyst above like your nose (top half of ur face practically), she said the infection w ould go to the brain too!! I generally pop all my cysts...or use Zeno
  4. how do you apply it w/o it looking like a thick mask? Maybe imnot doing it right??
  5. What is "BS" and "CSR"? I've only used theh ACV maybe once or twice a week, in combination with witch hazel and baking soda, and theres been some improvment in reducing scars, I've also been using scarzone too.
  6. from ontario, but not hamilton....sudbury
  7. Yes, it would be for my face...ive herad good things about, which is why i wanted to try it, but afraid that it may be too greasy and break me out since it has oil in it. baptists: what burt's been prodcut is your profile pic of? Any recs for Burt's bees products?
  8. I went to go buy some today...and I read the ingredients...it has oil in it, is it still ok for acne-prone oily skin? i bought the the oil-free w/ aloe and AHA, but i think the peaches adn cream one has a higher concentration of AHA (even though it doesnt say). Thanks!
  9. well, it has worked a few times for me..but i think its only goo for certain types of pimples...not so much the cystic ones...i'd say it worked 50% of the time...so ya, waste of money.
  10. I found these on ebay...anyone tried them? Are they good for acne scars?
  11. Anyone tried this line yet? it just came out last week i think...
  12. bimbles, where can i get this makeup? I dont live in TO, can you get it online or anywhere else?
  13. Bare minerals gave me the worst cystic accne of my life...i regret every trying it and ocntinue to use it so blindly.
  14. this stuff stinks, or is it jus tme? I just bought some tonight and used itas a toner...and it really smells bad...is it okay to apply before or after witch hazel?
  15. Many medical spas in canada sells them...even derms sell them...i bought mine at a medical spa here in ontario, but ebay has them for WAY cheaper!
  16. neostrata has a new acne peel system...and neostrata is a good line...any one try it?
  17. Hey I just went to shoppers drug mart tonight and saw that neostrata has a new acne peel system....is it any good? they also have a microdermabrasion system...
  18. I went to buy phillips MOM, but i also saw a generic no name brand milk od magnesia...do u think that one is okto use as a subsittute for philips sincei ts around $3 cheaper?
  19. hey! i need help finding a moisterizer that wont break me out. I m xurrently using murad's moisterizer...but i keep breaking out. Any recs for a good oil free moisterizer? thanks!
  20. I've tried bare essentials..and thats what started my whole cystic acne...i absolutely hate it for giving me the worst cystic acne in my life....so that mineral makeup is out of the question....are the jane MU bad for your skin though?
  21. Hey I am currently using the bronzer and the setting powder in Jane cosmetics...they are marked oil free...I am also using Almay clear complexiojn...but im still getting cysts....i'm wondering what it could be...i'm also using the murad skin regimen....perhaps its that?? what is the best moisterizer for oily acne prone skin? thanks everyone!!!