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  1. aloe vera gel doesn't clog but if you're using BP, it may provide insufficient moisture.
  2. yup i have those on my arms since i can remember and i am fine so it's probably nothing.
  3. What about trying Purpose cleansers?The liquid and bar is really popular in this forum.
  4. Yoga seriously gets my heart pumping. I know it might not look like it but it's a great workout. schweet!
  5. Really? What about exercises like yoga or pilates?
  6. Someone got it for me so i am not sure exactly where in level 2. Level 2 isn't that big, go look.
  7. Thanks, Claire! All the best for the coming year!
  8. Congrats!!You look gorgeous!!
  9. Hi, If you're gonna use BP, I'll recommend Dan's BP gel.I just started using it yesterday and it's waaaaaaayyy better than PanOxyl, Oxy and C&C Persa gel in the sense that it's less irritating. For makeup, I am using Origins brand loose powder, pressed powder(for touchups) and the concealer.Doesn't aggravate acne at all.:)Neutrogena skinclearing makeup is good stuff as well.Another drugstore makeup brand I like is Jane.I've have tried Jane's oil free loose powder and loose shimmer powder w
  10. Claire, You mind telling us what products u're using? I use Jorubi Aloe Vera gel to fade the scars...i like it a lot and it's really gentle on my skin.
  11. Tally, It's the OG at bugis.At level 2. Car, How's ur progress now?Aloe Vera gel is messing ur skin?I am using it leh..
  12. Janiet, I am starting the bp regimen again so I can't give an answer now.Previously, the stuff I was using were too harsh and I was also lazy with moisturising. Will update my progress in a couple of days.
  13. My skin is less irritated and dry with PanOxyl 5% than their 2.5%..strange i know. Don't worry the dryness should go off and remember to moisturise well.
  14. Doesn't pears original leave a film on your skin? I remember using once and it does..