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  1. Im having a similar issue! I places my order around 6 weeks ago and it has not been received, and the tracking shows it as not having moved since May 14. I have emailed support 4 times now with no response. Have previously used the products for around 15 years with no issues,
  2. The regimen makes you more sensitive to tanning so you are more likely to burn, so if you are going yo go ahead with it I would do so with caution
  3. I use the letter post one and have never had any problems!
  4. It sounds as if you're using too much eucerin in my oponion- 3 fingers is a lot! How about cutting down on it and seeing how that goes? Also have you increased the amount of BP you have been using over the past few weeks which could explain the dryness? But if the problem presists I would suggest you find another moisturiser, maybe your skin just dosen't like the ingredients!
  5. A lot of people tend to find the CSR gel less drying than other BP's, so I would say it is no coincidence! However, there is nothing wrong with using moisturiser as long as it is non-congenmic and oil-free, so if you ever feel you need some I wouldn't hesitate about applying!
  6. I cleared almost immediately with small breakouts at around week 3 and 5. However, depending on the severity and presistance of your acne it can take up to 3 months to see results
  7. Last time I ordered 2 tubes via the slow shipping option to the UK it came to just over £14 and arrived in about 20 days
  8. I've noticed this is happening to me too on the areas on which I use BP now summer is here. I haven't found anything to stop it, but I think the best think is probably just to carry a tissue around with you to dab the areas where it happens
  9. I used to use MD Formulations glycolic lotion, however, I found that along with BP use aswell it made me a little red so I had to stop using it, but I think teh Neutrogena healthy skin lotion would be a good option if your looking for a glycolic product
  10. From what you have said your acne sounds quite severe. So I would probably recommend you consult a dermatoligist and see what they have to say, and depending on how you feel about it enquire about roaccutane (you will find lots of information on roaccutane on these boards, check out the logs section)
  11. I agree with the Eucerin moisturiser suggestion- that stuff really is super! But don't forget dryness is normal with the regimen and it should improve with time as you're skin gets used to BP. Good Luck!
  12. Try not to worry- PanOxyl is fine to be using with the regimen, its just as Madworld sais some people find it to be overdrying and irritating. If you can't switch to Dan's the you could consider switching to anther BP which is less drying (if you tell us where you're from we will be able to give you some recommendations). But for now just use plenty of moistursier and apply it whenever you feel you need it!
  13. I don't really think there are any others available in the UK! Theres brevoxyl but that is a cream aswelll and 4%, and Quinoderm but thats a 5% and I don't know if thats a cream or a gel. But if it is at all possible I'd recommend Dan's gel- its the best by far!
  14. It is likely to be quite a while yet, atleast 4 months I think. But don't let that put you off starting the regimen, there plenty of alternatives out there!
  15. It is best not to try to irritate your skin too much. To help with the flakes you could try an AHA moisturiser such as Neutrogena healthy skin lotion, ot if that isn't enough then you could gently rub them off with a towel after washing, but remeber BE GENTLE!!!!