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  1. Stick with the regimen for at least 6 weeks before you make a serious judgment about it. You won't regret it. At worst, it doesn't work but you go to bed at night knowing that you tried it 100% to the dot, and didn't quit too early before you can make a real judgment.
  2. My red marks last over 6-8 months, some nearly a year.
  3. 1 - Yeah, it's kinda embarassing, but usually it dries out so it's just during the first half hour of application. I sweat like a madman and it hasn't been a problem. Some moisturizers do that as well, long after application, but it's never a big deal. Don't worry about the BP "coming off," sweat glands and acne glands are different, to put it very non-scientifically. The only issue is making sure to gently dab off the sweat, not to go balls to the wall in wiping it off. 2 - I'm in the sa
  4. Moisturizers with SPF are really troublesome when it comes to irritation. A simple moisturizer isn't that hard to make, but adding SPF to it usually means more irritation (burning, redness), and more shine to the face. Trying to add SPF to the moisturizer AND keep it noncomedogenic and more importantly, oil-free, is even more problematic. Try using a moisturizer without SPF if you're not going outside much. If you absolutely need SPF, try cutting back a bit on the amount of BP you're using.
  5. Alright, here's a more serious answer. Wake up, and head into shower. I wash my body, shampoo/condition my hair, shave, and cleanse my face. Dry off, and go eat breakfast. Note that this only works if your breakfast takes 10-15 minutes to make. I have a ginormous shake, so it's pretty quick. Now apply BP, your face should be dry by now. And then brush your teeth. It's good to brush now, because it forces you to do it for as long as it takes before the BP dries (about five minutes), and most
  6. Masturbate. Or brush your teeth. Just do what you would do normally off the regimen between the regimen steps.
  7. Yeah, through food. Five-six meals a day, one of which is an MRP, I can't cook THAT much.
  8. Washing your face for two minutes causes too much irritation. Wash your face with a mild cleanser for no more than 10 seconds, it should be enough. What do you consider high protein? I weightlift and I take in around 1.5 grams of body fat per lb of weight, so I'm taking about 200-250 grams of protein a day, and my red marks haven't faded. Points one, three, and four are kind of obvious. Point six is great though, and should be heeded. Don't go overboard on treatment. I used to cover a who
  9. Once again, Brandy makes a lot of sense. The instant you feel acne is holding you back, it is. Confidence is everything when you're young, especially for guys.
  10. To second Brandy's reply, Coppertone Oil-Free works great. I'm a lifeguard, and I swear by it. I put on my stuff at around 8:15, and finish off with Complex15 (no SPF), I drive to work, and when I get there, I put on Coppertone Oil-Free w/SPF-45, and I reapply every couple of hours, depending on the UV index. It really works great.
  11. After getting truly ridiculous with the amount of BP I put on, I came to the conclusion that using just one finger-length, moderate width is best. For one, it's less irritating, so at a certain point (moderate width, finger length), the BP starts having diminishing returns, so there's not much point to using an excessive amount. Second, your face will just feel better. It won't be excessively dry, and moisturizing will be much easier. Believe me, now that Eucerin is gone, finding a moisturiz
  12. Yeah, I ordered two packs and it said late August...
  13. Apply it as early in the morning as possible. It'll have already soaked into your pores, and sweat glands are different than sebacious glands (sp). Water isn't too bad either, during swim season I'd swim one hour and a half a day, four days a week, and the regimen worked fine. What you need to worry about the most is moisturization and sunscreen. If you use a buttload of BP, you'll have to re-moisturize every time you get out of the water, but you'd know your face better than me. Make sure
  14. I use a very fat line, finger-length, of Dan's BP, and that takes 10-15 minutes. But it really is a lot of BP, I go through a full tube in about two weeks. It takes me a total of probably 30-40 minutes to put everything on, depending on how much I wait between applications.