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  1. wow I thought this thing was dead.. well as of now.. things are getting better.. side effects slowly going away.. and slowly clearing up.. but as soon as I get happy about it another one pops up.. lol but it should keep getting better.. I will update this more later now that i know someone actually read it. haha
  2. WOW.. skin is flaking off on my cheeks still and super dry everywhere. Also starting to break out like the first week again.. grrrr this is what kills me... my happiness just goes down the drain as I watch my face get worse.. I am soo ready for month 6 when I hopefully clear up totally
  3. also to not be such a hermet I told alot of my freinds that I was on it, and what was going on.. and I have a dinner date on Fri.. just told her my situation.. and not too look at me crazy for my skin flaking off like the guy on Goldmember! lol so trying to get out more.. Also I went out with some friends and forgot I was on tane.. yes that was nice, and have a few drinks not thinking.. and so far I havent had anything bad come of it. That I have noticed
  4. ok time to update this... I have been on 80MG for about a week now Holy dryness! my face is peeling all over the place no matter what I put on it! I am using emu oil and cetaphil lotion.. anyone have any suggestions? Also a peice of my lip came off.. lol cant seem to get them back to normal.. kinda gave up no other real side effects as of yet.. so far I havent been breaking out as bad as I thought I would on the 80mg
  5. yeah its getting better.. but I hope yoru right and it does clear up.. Whats funny is that I was scared that it would depress me.. but really I have been super happy! maybe its cause I think in a few months the cockroaches on my face will die and never come back? if tane doesnt work.. I think it will suck.. bad.. cause at that point I think I will just give up. Thanks for the compliment though amber
  6. this is the great deal if you are patience , acuttane wont act fast as magic , but it works and it does really good , trust me about your personality as i can read , sometimes you fell week because your acne and once again , i really understand you and understand your feelling this time is time to think in yourself no matter what so your self-estim needs to grow up , because brain and skin are 100 % connected so you have to realize that and stay calm another friendly advise , dont pop t
  7. Will I get worse when she raises to 60 or 80mg? My skin is not looking good. I will have to take a couple pics... the sides of my chin and side of my forehead are getting bad.. almost covered Side Effects.. nothing other the the norm, overall not bad Again.. does anyone know of a good Emu oil and where to get it? Still taking fish oil and vit. E
  8. well hopefully I will get better.. but wishful thinking, so far same conditions, nose bleeds have stopped, although lips and skin are getting worse Going in for another blood test on thurs. and the 17th will be one month.. so I think she is going to up me to 60 or 80.. have to wait and see
  9. man! you guys were right! I am now on my third week, and I am starting to break out again! Some huge whitheads again. It was so nice when it was getting better.. oh well.. in time I suppose.. does anyone have any idea when you start to clear up.. from what I have read it looks like not until the last month or so?
  10. Also I have read many different things about diets.. what should I be eating? can I still have meat and dairy? Also doesnt lettcue have alot of vitamin A in it also? please help me out here
  11. well i tried just putting some lotion on a q-tip and puttin up there. Figured it would have the same effect?
  12. ok i am typying right now with one hand cause my nose is gushing again... what should i do? why is it bleeding so much?
  13. what emu oil are you using? I couldnt find any when I went to the store and I see all kinds on the web?
  14. oh man.. I got a major nosebleed at like 5am this morning! I woke up, and all the sudden my nose started gushing blood like someone punched me in my sleep! Kinda scary! Thanks Beany.. my mom actually told me the same thing on the E, so I am taking the 400 and Flax seed oil now. I need to find something to help the inside on my nose.. anyone? Still getting headaches, and my back is breaking out a bit more, face is about the same