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  1. what is concidered superficial(?) scars? I read that the can improve alot with laser.. how deep are they..? link maybe?
  2. I cannot believe it when I see myself in this light.. its soo much worse than other lights, like warm white.. fuck it
  3. ok, we all know scars are permanent, and will never go 100% away, but, some people I see have scars, but also look good, slin quality wise.. I have some issues with the skin quality, amd probably would feel alot better with nice skin quality but can one easly improve skin texture and quality, or is the same as the scars, and do not disappear really.. with maybe co2 or erbium laser? do you understand what i mean, scars that just are vissible, but perfectly blended with skin, texture and color
  4. I had fraxel, but that was fraxel 1 at 20 Mj, no improvment everybody say fraxel is not strong enough, you need someting stronger, like co2 og dermabration
  5. about the mirrors and lights.. omg I KNOW what you mean.. but why the HELL does it happen??? anyone know? why does not mirrors that "appears" to be lit up good, not show what some other mirrors does? in some lights and mirrors, I look kind of good, but then I look in an other mirror with different lights and I just want to die right there.. It's like there is an other person in the mirror :S
  6. should I do a very strong chemical peel, instead of a laser resurfacing. There are so many bad posts about lasers, it's not even funny... but I need to get alot of improvment in scarring and skin texture...
  7. have not had it, but doctor said one doctor recommended it to me
  8. I am (heavly) concidering having a CO2 laser peel soon, and I need resonse from you, if you have had it.. If I understand correct, alot of people here have are not satisfied with this procedure.. what are the risks, and what kind of improvment can I get (will scars get evened out? will skin texture change and become smooth? or will the new skin just look like what was there before? side effects? how will scars respond to this? is it likely that the scars will become more red from this? og does
  9. hello.. I've been to two derms lately. first one said I could get the co2 laser, but the second says she would'n give it to me because of risks of complications (she said probability of 10 %) I really hate my skin though but the derms say it isn't too bad. the scars are probably not "deep" by the standards they use, but my skin is very uneven, and wrinkly sometimes. should I get the co2 laser treatment? what kind of complications can occure?
  10. Hi. I need advice for laser you have had to improve skin texture! even if it did not improve the scars! just overall improvment of skin!!
  11. have you tried lite laser treaments (fraxel) have you tried aggressive laser treatment (co2)? have you asked for exsicions? have you asked for suscisions ?
  12. 1 it is better after 3+ ? maybe I will have one more then. I am looking into active fx (max fx that is) an other doctor recommended it!
  13. yeah, I had 4, and no he didn't. he said I needed 4
  14. I just had fraxel (very little to nothing improvement), and now the doc want me to have a laser called "cynergy" anyone know if this is a good laser (anyone had any sucess with it?) I kind of feel the doc is only after the money, I think I will have the co2 laser now:P